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Troubleshooting declined card payment

If you haven't activated your new card in your app

If you can see a decline message in your app

Tap on the declined payment in the app for more details. If you’re unsure what it means, get in touch

If you've had a declined Apple/Google Pay transaction

If your payment was declined when you were using Apple/Google Pay at a checkout in a shop, there might be a poor connection between your device and the contactless reader.

Even though it’s been unsuccessful, you won’t see a decline message in your app.

To make sure the payment goes through, hold the top of your device on the contactless reader and wait for it to show it’s approved.

If your card doesn't work at a particular merchant, but other cards do

It’s likely the merchant hasn’t set up their systems to accept our cards. This means you won’t see a decline message in your app.

We can reach out to them for you to try and fix the issue. Get in touch with the following information:

  1. Name of the merchant or ATM provider where your card's been declined

  2. Address of the store or ATM (or web address/app name if tried to make an online payment)

  3. Time and date you tried to make the payment

  4. Amountof the payment you tried to make

  5. Receipt or screenshot showing your payment was declined or a successful payment you’ve made with a different card (we can use this information to work out the exact issue with the merchant’s payment systems)

  6. A brief summary of what happened

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