Joint Accounts

Banking (together) made easy.

Manage shared costs with a shared bank account.

British Bank Awards - Best banking app Winner 2023, FSCS Protected and Current Account Switch Service Trust Marks

You'll both need a Monzo account. Aged 18+. UK residents only. Ts&Cs apply.

A hot coral Monzo card behind a white joint account card

Together, with whoever

A partner, spouse or someone who lives in your house. Shared accounts are for soulmates and housemates or anyone else as long as they’re eligible.

With a joint account you both get a pearlescent white debit card to use for your shared spending and saving.

Jigsaw puzzle

Share, don’t split

Household bills and subscriptions or pet supplies. The weekly food shop, a meal out or booking a trip.

A joint bank account saves you needing to ask for money or wondering who bought what.

Apply in minutes

You both need a Monzo current account to apply for a joint account.

Download Monzo

Get the free Monzo app for iPhone or Android.

Sign up in-app

Follow the simple steps and have your photo ID ready.

Get cards first-class

Once approved you should get your cards within days.

A piggy bank with a coin going into it, next to some vases and pots

Grow your shared savings

Earn 4.10% AER interest (variable), paid monthly, on your combined savings with an Instant Access Savings Pot. No minimum deposit, deposit up to £100,000.

Already have one in your personal account? You can get an extra Instant Access Saving Pot if you open a joint account.

Packed with the best of Monzo

A fully licensed UK bank

We're authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority.

Protection for your money

Your eligible deposits in Monzo are protected by The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to a value of £85,000 per person.

Banking made easy

Online banking with features like instant spending notifications, simple ways to send money, Pots for separating it and monthly spending summaries.

Friendly support

Got a problem? We're here to help. Just message us in the app.

Spend abroad with no fees

Pay anywhere, in any currency, with no foreign transaction fees. We pass Mastercard's exchange rate directly onto you, without sneaky fees or extra charges.

A clear financial view

Head to Trends to see your spending and saving activity by account, or view multiple accounts together.

Switch to Monzo

Got a joint account with another bank?

We can move everything over to Monzo for you with the Current Account Switch Service.

Joint account key info

Find other important info about joint accounts in our Help section.

You’re financially linked to whoever you open the shared account with

When you open a Monzo Joint Account with someone, you become linked to them financially. That means you can be jointly credit-scored, and their credit history can have an impact on yours.

Overdrafts are only available for personal accounts

You can have an overdraft in your personal account but not your joint account.

You need photo ID and a personal account to open a joint account

We accept passports, driving licenses (provisionals are fine), national ID cards and biometric resident permits. You also need to be at least 16 years of age and live in the UK full time.

You’re joint owners of whatever’s in your joint account

Even if one of you contributes a lot more money, legally anything in the account is split equally. It’s important you trust who you’re planning to open a joint account with.

You can close your joint account in the app

First, you or the person you share your account with need to withdraw all the money from your joint account. After that you’re free to go ahead and close the account from in the Monzo app.