Is Monzo free?

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Opening a Monzo account and using it day-to-day is free.

If you have an overdraft, we’ll charge you when you use it. And we also charge if you withdraw more than £200 of cash when you’re abroad.

Opening a Monzo account is free

  • Signing up for Monzo is totally free, just download the app on iOS or Android to get started

  • We don’t charge you for your hot coral debit card, or ask you to pay for delivery

Using Monzo in the UK is free

  • We don't charge any fees for making payments or withdrawing cash in the UK

When you’re abroad, withdrawing cash up to £200/month and spending with your card is free

  • Using your card to spend abroad is completely free – online, in shops and restaurants, and everywhere else that accepts Mastercard

  • You can withdraw up to £200 cash for free, every 30 days. After that we’ll charge you a 3% fee

You can find out more about travelling with Monzo here.

We'll charge you for using your overdraft

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