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A person holding the handle of their suitcase, with their Monzo card in their other hand.

Travelling abroad

Phone, passport, Monzo ✅

Take your travel money further

We've wrapped travel essentials (like fee-free spending and a fair exchange rate) in one pocket-sized hot coral package.

A pile of boxes next to a shopping bag with a smile on it

Free to spend

Pay anywhere in any currency, for free. We pass Mastercard's exchange rate directly on to you, without sneaky fees or extra charges.

an atm with bank notes around it

Cash withdrawals abroad

We may charge you for some cash withdrawals, depending on how and where you use Monzo. The best way to check your allowance is to tap on ‘Manage’, then scroll to ‘ATM allowances’.

Withdrawals in the European Economic Area (EEA)

If you use Monzo as your main bank account, or have Monzo Plus or Monzo Premium, withdrawals are fee-free. If not, you’ll pay 3% on withdrawals over £250 every 30 days.

The rest of the world (outside the EEA)

You can take out £200 for free every 30 days, and we’ll charge 3% after that. With Plus it’s up to £400 for free every 30 days, and up to £600 with Monzo Premium. After that, we’ll charge 3%.

Here’s more detail on our fees if you’re interested.

Person holding a Monzo card with rocky terrain in the background.

Save, spend and see

Use Pots to turn spare change into travel money, Shared Tabs to spend with friends abroad, and Trends for your trip summary.

Open a Monzo account
A piggy bank with a coin going into it, next to some vases and pots

Save with Pots

Turn spare change into holidays with Pots, then use them to keep your travel money separate from your everyday balance.

A pizza wheel cutting a pizza in four pieces with a receipt underneath

Spend with friends

Shared Tabs track who owes what, even with people who don’t have Monzo. You negotiate over the last calamari, we’ll do the maths.

A trip summary screen for a holiday to Portugal, showing an approximate exchange rate between euros and pounds.

See your trip summary

All you need to do is categorise your transactions as 'Holidays', then head to Trends.

Person holding a premium Monzo card with snow and icebergs in the background.

Travel often?
Upgrade to Monzo Premium

Get must-haves (like travel insurance) and nice-to-haves (like airport lounge discounts) in one swish white metal card.

Explore Monzo Premium
A piggy bank in sunglasses in front of a suitcase

Travel insurance, sorted

Get worldwide travel insurance provided by AXA for you and your family. So you can focus on having fun while you’re away.

an atm with bank notes around it

£600 of free cash withdrawals

Withdraw an unlimited amount for free in the EEA, and up to £600 per month for free outside the EEA. After that, we’ll charge 3%.

An airplane sat on a globe with clouds

Airport lounge discounts

Get discounted access to over 1,000 lounges for you and friends or family, at £24 per person, per visit, worldwide ✈️

£15 per month • 6 month minimum • Must be aged 18-69 • Ts&Cs apply Phone insurance for phones worth up to £2,000 and accessories up to £300. With £75 excess. Exclusions apply. Provided by Assurant.

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