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Upgraded Monzo Accounts for Everyone!
Today we’re happy to say that all users should now see an invitation to upgrade in their app!
ATM Fees Abroad: Landing in January
A few weeks later than planned, on Thursday 4th January 2018 we’ll introduce a 3% charge on cash withdrawals made from ATMs abroad, after a free 30-day allowance of £200.
Meet Jordan
Product Manager Jordan explains what growth means for Monzo, and how he works with teams across the company to drive it.
The Monzo Mixtape Vol.2
Chosen by the Monzo team for your listening pleasure!
Pots Are Now on Android!
Android users with upgraded accounts can now set money aside with help from Pots!
Upgraded Monzo Accounts for Everyone!
Today we’re happy to say that all users should now see an invitation to upgrade in their app!
Unleashing the Dragons: Bringing Monzo to Cardiff
To help us continue growing our team in a sustainable way, we’ve decided to explore opportunities for opening an office outside of London!
Top ups are back!
As of today, you can top up your upgraded Monzo account from another debit card, or through Apple Pay and Android Pay
Very Robust etcd
We know Monzo's platform must be extremely reliable, and etcd is one of our most critical components. We've gone to great lengths to make sure it can survive a range of failures.
Our 2017 To-Do List
As the end of the year approaches, we wanted to share what we’ll be working on in the last few weeks of 2017.
Launching Pots!
We’re pleased to bring you Pots! A simple way to set money aside, within your main Monzo account.
Share Options: More Than Just a Lottery Ticket
In future investment rounds, any employee who has been with Monzo for three years or more will have the opportunity to sell up to 10% of their options
We’re Building Monzo into a Marketplace
Head of Partnerships Phil explains why the bank of the future will be a marketplace, and how we’re going about building it.
Tap to Activate Your Debit Card
You can now activate your new Monzo debit card just by tapping it on your Android device!
Announcing our New Investment Round of £71 Million 🎉
We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised £71 million in our latest fundraising round!
Making Monzo Signup Simple
Head of Financial Crime Natasha explains what we’re doing to help you sign up for a current account in just a few minutes.
Monzo-to-Monzo Payments Come to the Current Account
If you've already upgraded to the current account, you can now pay your contacts in just a few taps – emoji included!
A Current Account Rollout Update
Issues with our payment processor have meant customers haven’t been able to make payments. I’d like to provide you with an update on the transition to current accounts.
Android Pay is Here!
We’re building a bank that lives on your smartphone, and thanks to Android Pay you can now use your phone to pay with Monzo too.
Code Club Came to Monzo
We helped our friends at Code Club host their largest London meetup yet! UK Director Maria Quevedo explains what we learnt.
ATM Fees Abroad: The Community Has Spoken
From 18th December 2017 we'll be introducing a 3% charge on cash withdrawals made from ATMs abroad, after a free allowance of £200.
The Next Step: Current Accounts!
We’re excited to say that we’re ready to make the next steps towards bringing current accounts to everyone!
Delays Sending Out Cards
We’d like to apologise for the recent delays some customers have experienced receiving their cards.
Working on Android
An insight into the way our Android engineers work, and what’s next on the horizon.
Searching for Answers on Android
Powered by machine learning, the Android Help screen now allows you to search for answers quickly.
An Android Progress Report
Kicking off a week of Android-related updates, product manager Jami brings us up to speed and explains what’s in store for the next few months.
Testing Energy Partnerships
We’re testing a new feature that allows people to switch energy suppliers in five minutes.
ATM Fees Abroad: Asking the Monzo Community to Decide Pricing
Today, we’re coming to our community again to ask for your help with a tricky decision.
Splitting the bill with Monzo and Deliveroo
Our friends at Deliveroo have built a nifty new feature that lets customers split the bill using
Meet Phil – Head of Partnerships
My goal is to help achieve Monzo’s vision of becoming the financial control centre for people’s lives.
Open Office August: The Debrief
What we learnt at this month’s design-focused Open Office event.
Announcing the Monzo Overdrafts Preview
Today we’re excited to offer a preview of the Monzo Overdraft on iOS!
The Current Account Preview: Coming to a Letter Box Near You Soon!
We’re ready to start posting debit cards out to your home, on both Android and iOS
The Help Search Algorithm
The magic behind our machine learning powered help screen
Turn That Frown Upside Down
How we transform a single complaint into positive outcomes for many
The Monzo Current Account Preview comes to Android!
Today, we’re extremely excited to announce that Android users can register their interest in the Preview and get involved!
An Apology from Monzo
I’m writing to apologise for the recent card outages you’ve experienced over the last week
New Android Update: Bottom Navigation Bar!
Instantly access Spending, Card and Contacts in one tap.
Introducing Monzo Insider!
Digging for answers behind the scenes at Monzo HQ
Meet Will - Business Operations
I can remember the meal where I got fat.
Launching Machine Learning Powered Help on iOS
There are currently more than fifty topics in the Monzo help screen, and that number is only going to increase as we launch fully-fledged current accounts.
The Monzo Current Account Preview!
We’ve been using the Monzo current account internally and today we’re ready to invite some of our customers to join us and help put it through its paces
The Class of 2017: Launching Monzo University
Today we’re launching the very first version of Monzo University, a place where we pull together knowledge to help people get to grips with their money
Working with backend services on iOS
How we refactored our iOS app to work better with backend services.
Releasing Monzo's 2017 Annual Report!
Today we’re publishing our full financial statements in a new section on our website
The Monzo Mixtape Vol.1
Chosen by the Monzo team for your listening pleasure!
Tried and Tested!
Breaking things to make them better. In this article, Priscila Minks Zanuzzo outlines how we manually test the apps before releasing them.
New Beginnings at Monzo
A week in the life of a new team member.
Meet Gary - Chief Financial Officer
I'm very thankful that I still have some hair to let down!
Asking Some Customers To Do Additional Identity Verification
Due to new European money laundering regulations, we need to carry out additional identity verification on some customers
From desktop design to your doorstep: A Monzo card’s journey
A stage by stage walkthrough of how Monzo cards are produced.
Host a Monzo Meetup!
Amazing community experiences organised by you, supported by us.
Announcing Our Public Hiring Referral Bonus!
Get £500 if you refer someone who joins the Monzo team
We've signed the Women in Finance Charter
We're pledging to improve the gender balance in senior management at Monzo.
To a Billion and Beyond: Building Products to Help Us Scale
Introducing the work of our Internal Product team
Launching Android Pay Top Ups!
Hot on the heels of launching Android Pay on, we’ve just released a new update to the Android app that lets you top up with Android Pay!
The Future of Customer Operations ("COps")
Many people see us as a technology company, with a banking licence. In reality we are a customer service company, empowered by technology, with a banking licence.
Night COps: Working Remotely Yet Closely
What goes on behind the scenes when you contact customer support at 3am?
Meet Tapas from Customer Operations
I once trialled at Charton Athletic Football Club. Then I fell in love with cheese; Cathedral City was her name and the dream vanished
200,000 Customers and £250,000,000 Spent!
Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far and here’s to the next milestone on our journey together
COps: The Mission of Customer Support at Monzo
Often when one thinks of customer support they think of a warehouse sized, outsourced, call centre with headsets and cubicles
An update on our API
We want to wait until we can offer our developer community a truly awesome experience.
Pay in 15 seconds with Android Pay on!
From today, if you visit a page on a phone or tablet that has Android Pay, you’ll be able to pay your friends and family even faster
Terminal Decline: Why Some Payments Fail
Breaking down the common causes of declined card payments.
Practical Machine Learning With Event Streaming
Monzo’s Head of Data and Analytics walks through our recent advances in using machine learning to make predictions based on existing data.
Welcome to The Drawing Board!
A launchpad for awesome community led events at Monzo HQ.
Crowdfunding in Numbers
Digging into the data behind our latest crowdfunding round.
Search Launches on Android!
Update your Monzo app — we’ve just released version 1.6 to the Google Play Store, featuring Search!
Meet Dan: Software Engineer
Making tools for a delightful customer experience by day, and electronic bleepy noises by night!
Welcome to Monzo Bank!
Today, we're incredibly happy to announce that our banking licence restrictions have been lifted!
New iOS Update: Upload Profile Pictures!
You can now upload your profile picture to Monzo, so friends can instantly see who they’re paying.
Designers’ Show and Tell
From old laptops to Penguin books, the design team share some of their everyday inspirations.
New Android Update: Instant PIN Reminders and Monthly Spending Reports
Version 1.5.4 of the Android app is now in the Google Play Store, featuring 'I forgot my PIN' and monthly spending reports
Meet Venkat: Head of Lending
Our globetrotting thespian with a passion for economics!
Split The Bill Using on Android
Split the bill and share the love with our latest Android update!
£12 Million Later: Our Crowdfunding Pre-Registration is Closed
Pre-registration for our crowdfunding is now closed, with a total of more than £12,000,000 pledged!
Transparent By Default
At Monzo, we aim to “default to transparency.” That means we put in place policies and practices that bring information out into the open wherever possible
Diversity and Inclusion at Monzo
We believe diverse teams make better decisions. Here's an update on our diversity debt repayments.
Meet Emma: Android Engineer
One third of the all star team making great things happen on Android!
Introducing the Monzo Transparency Dashboard
Ever since Monzo was founded, we have tried to share as much as we can with our community. Even before the first...
Why Monzo Cards Aren't Working Today
A severe outage meant that Monzo hasn't worked for most of today. We wanted to let you know what happened and what we're doing to stop it happening again.
Invest in Monzo: Launching Our Crowdfunding!
Today we’re launching our £2.5 million crowdfunding round as part of our most recent investment raise of £22 million 🎉
Launching on Android!
Get your own personal link and let anybody pay you using a debit card, Apple Pay or their existing Monzo account!
Monzo's Response to Cloudbleed
Last night, details of a Cloudflare security incident were published. While there is no risk to the vast majority of Monzo customers, we strongly believe in being transparent with our community.
Announcing Our £22m Investment Round and Crowdfunding!
We're incredibly excited to announce today that we’ve agreed a new £22 million investment round!
Meet Josh: iOS Developer
The future pilot of Monzo Airlines...
Split The Bill Using
Splitting the bill is a breeze with our latest iOS update
Budgeting, Money Management and Planning Ahead
We’re building a resource on budgeting to help customers improve their money management - and we want your advice
Launching Settings on Android!
Version 1.4 of the Android app is now live
Meet Irina: Internal Product Engineer
It’s like playing with LEGO all day!
Fighting Fraud with Machine Learning
How we have prevented £400,000 of fraud over the last 6 months
Meet Natasha
Our glacier climbing, code crunching Fincrime expert...
Fighting Financial Crime the Monzo Way
How do we plan to stay a step ahead?
Designing a product with mental health issues in mind
How we're designing Monzo to be a powerful and unique financial service for our most vulnerable customers.
Introducing Our New Community Page
Our new home for all things Community at Monzo!
100,000 Users!
This year has been pretty exciting so far and today is no exception. We’re proud to announce we’ve just reached 100,000 users!
Monzo App Shortcuts on Android: New Update
To kick off the New Year on Android, we’ve just released version 1.3.3 to the Play Store with app shortcut support!
Launching the Monzo Extraordinary Ideas Board
We’re not short on ideas here at Monzo, but building a bank doesn’t happen overnight!
Can You Marry An App? Customer Support Quotables
A selection of our favourite customer support related interactions and responses…
2016 In Numbers
A summary of our journey through 2016 in numbers, with the help of some jazzy infographics!
View Your PIN: New Update on iOS
If your phone supports Touch ID, you can now check your PIN in the iOS app…
Monzo for Alexa – A Community Hack
A member of our community, Rory King, has built an integration for Monzo with Amazon's Alexa...
Our Festive FAQs
The most frequently asked questions from Monzonauts in the run up to Christmas.
Our Old Street Shopping Guide
Our picks from our favourite independent retailers, all partnering with us this week for our Old Street Shopping Event.
Collecting money from other people has always been a pain so today we're introducting on iOS!
Payments on Android!
Three weeks after we launched Spending on Android, we’re very excited to release another huge update to the Monzo Android app. Payments!
Monzo x Old Street – Our First Shopping Event
We're celebrating the wide range of local, independent businesses in Shoreditch with our first ever shopping event.
Laying the Foundation for a Data Team
Data is central to creating wonderful customer experiences and efficient internal operations. Take a look at how we're building our data team.
Monzo with Friends: New Monzo iOS Update
Today, we’re releasing an update to the Monzo iOS app that makes payments on Monzo easier, quicker and better
Spending on Android! New Update Out Now
We’ve just pushed version 1.2.0 to the Play Store bringing Spending, as well as a variety of other improvements and bug fixes
Celebrating Living Wage Week: Monzo is now a Living Wage Employer
To underscore our commitment to fair pay, we’ve become a Living Wage accredited employer
New Monzo Update: Card Replacement on Android
Now you can order a new card instantly from within the Android app…
Target Practice: #MyMonzoMonth
Getting to grips with one of our most commonly requested features
New Monzo Update: Wonderful Surprises!
We can’t wait to show you what’s in store in the new iOS update we just released (version 1.8)
New Monzo Update: Identity Verification on Android
Today we’re releasing version 1.1, featuring our new built-in identity verification flow and a bunch of bug fixes
Launching the Monzo Shop 👕
Today we’re launching the Monzo Shop with a whole range of t-shirts and hoodies in different colors and styles to suit everyone!
Launching Targets: Our New Budgeting Feature
It's the 3rd of October and many of you will have been sitting down this weekend to plan your budget for the coming month
Android is Here!
Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce the release of version 1 of the Monzo Android app!
Send £10 to Siri
You can now send money to your friends and family using just your voice!
Getting Students On Board
We want to reach more students, so we're launching our Insider program and leaderboard...
#MonzoJournals - Philippines
The first of a new series on our blog, following the adventures of the well-travelled Monzo community...
Building a Modern Bank Backend
This first post in a series about our platform explains how we’re building systems to meet these demands using modern, open-source technology...
New Monzo Update: Limits on iOS
A new Monzo update which brings the Limits page to iOS...
Our Approach to Overdrafts
Our Deputy CEO, Paul Rippon, discusses how we plan to roll out overdrafts...
How We Picked 'Monzo'
Now that ‘Monzo’ is live, here’s our chance to tell you the story from behind the scenes...
Mondo is now Monzo!
Just over two months ago, we announced that we were saying goodbye to the name Mondo...
Launching Early Access to Travel Reports
We really think Mondo is the best card to use abroad, with no fees, a great exchange rate, instant notifications and now travel reports!
Launching The Bank
Last week we received news from the Bank of England that we’d been granted authorisation to conduct banking activities…
We Are Now a Bank
Today, we're excited to announce that we have hit another milestone on our journey…
New Mondo Update: Updated Design and More
New day, new Mondo update! We’ve just pushed a new update to the iOS app with two big changes and a bunch of bug fixes…
Over £20 Million Spent Through Mondo!
We've now seen £20 million spent through Mondo, including £5 million abroad...
A Quick Update on the New Name, via Snapchat
It's been a few weeks since we last gave you an update on our name change project...
New Mondo Update: Touch ID, Profile Editing and More
We’ve been hard at work on a new update to the Mondo iOS app, which we’re releasing to the App Store today as version 1.5.3...
Where in the World Has Mondo Been?
Mondo has been used all over the world, in 132 countries. Where will you take your card?
How to Travel With   Mondo   Monzo
Emma from our Customer Operations team answers the most frequently asked questions about traveling abroad with Mondo...
We're Looking for Campus Insiders
As of today, we’re looking for students across the UK to become Campus Insiders and help spread the word about Mondo...
An Update on our Name Change
Last week we announced that we’re leaving the name ‘Mondo’ behind and invited you to suggest your ideas for what we should change it to...
Mondo Version 1.5: Improved Search and New Export Features
We’re very excited to release version 1.5 of the Mondo app on iOS which you can download now in the App Store...
Goodbye Mondo, Hello M…
As we mentioned during our recent Crowdcube campaign, our trade mark, “Mondo”, has been legally challenged...
What Makes A Bank Ethical?
We started Mondo because we believe there should be an alternative to the banking of the past...
Ask Us Anything -
Join the Conversation on Our Forum
Today we’re taking the next step towards opening out our community forum. We’re linking every post ...
A Mondo Update...In 96 Seconds
As you've (probably) worked out by now, we think it's important to keep our community ...
The Monzo Transparent Product Roadmap
At Monzo, we aim to default to transparency. We fundamentally believe that as a company ...
Mondo on Android
When Mondo started in 2015, we focussed on building the iOS app first. Starting with ...
The dog ate my Mondo card...
Eleanor the puppy didn’t mean any harm. She was busy enjoying another carefree canine day when she...
Announcing Mondo v1.4
We love building Mondo for iOS, not least because we get to take advantage of new and...
Where do Mondo users spend?
More than £80,000 is now spent every day through Mondo across the world, with zero...
Automated Testing &
Accessibility on iOS
Over the past couple of weeks, Josh has been working on improving our automated testing...
#mondohack IV
Last weekend we hosted the fourth Mondo hackathon, #mondohack, at Makers Academy. More than 50...
Crowdsourcing Merchant Data
Every time a Mondo user makes a purchase, our system tries to find a match for the retailer elsewhere...
Meet Hugo Cornejo: Head of Design
This week in Meet Mondo, I talk to Hugo Cornejo, Mondo's Head of Design...
The Next Step
136 days after we launched our Alpha preview, we're excited to announce the...
Meet Jonas Huckestein:
Co-founder and CTO
This week in Meet Mondo, I talk to Jonas Huckestein, Mondo's Chief Technology Officer and one of...
Fastest Crowdfunding Ever:
£1 million in 96 Seconds
Today at 1pm we relaunched our crowdfunding round after overwhelming demand crashed...
We Have Temporarily Paused our Crowdcube Round
We now have a plan that we hope is reliable and fair to everyone and have emailed everyone who...
£1,000,000 spent through Mondo!
As of today, more than £1 million has been spent using Mondo! Thank you to everyone who...
Invest in Mondo
We started Mondo one year ago this month with the aim of building a better bank. I’m incredibly proud...
Meet Leah!
In our latest Meet Mondo, I chat to Leah Templeman. She has been with Mondo since day one and...
The bank of the future will be a marketplace
In recent years, mis-selling scandals have rocked the UK banks—at the last count...
The Mondo API
We're excited to release the first version of the Mondo developer tools...
#mondohack III
Last weekend, more than 100 people descended on Mondo Towers to build amazing things...
How Much?! Introducing
Your Spending
If you’re on the Mondo Alpha, you’ve probably been wondering why we automatically categorise...
How do bank payments
actually work?
After last month’s post on card payments, we thought we’d follow-up with a post on...
The #BringMeMondo Results
Yesterday, we announced we were bringing Mondo across the UK on a roadshow and gave...
An Update on our Alpha Rollout
Back in November, we announced the beginning of our Alpha Preview with space...
How Does the Wholesale Foreign Exchange Market Work?
In December we gave an overview of how foreign card payments work, and how...
Why are foreign card
payments such a mess?
Making card payments abroad has always been a painful experience. For me, the first...
3 Second Sandwich
Mondo recently rolled out our Alpha program to 500 lucky testers. If you weren’t...
#mondohack: More Projects
Last week we published a selection of the amazing projects from the second Mondo Hackathon...
There were so many great projects at the recent Mondo Hackathon we are splitting them...
Diversity Debt
Leah has been with Mondo since day one and currently runs the prepaid operations...
Why API-Driven Banking Matters
Have you ever used Facebook to log into another website, or given an app access to...
We're Ready
We are incredibly excited to announce the start of the Mondo Alpha Preview. We’ll shortly be...
The Hidden Costs of Free Banking
This morning, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) reported their provisional findings...
Meet Tracy—our Chief
Marketing Officer
In August, Tracy Abraham joined the Mondo team as Chief Marketing Officer...
Making Our Mark
We’ve spent some time over the last few weeks talking about what Mondo stands for and...
The First Mondo Hackathon
A few weeks ago we released the Mondo API, allowing people to...
Getting to know each other
a little better
Here at Mondo HQ, we decided it was about time we found out a little more...
Meet Paul—Our Chief Risk Officer
In the first part of a series of interviews with the Mondo team, today we're chatting...
Mondo at the Bank of England
This week was a big one for the Mondo team, as we attended the Bank of England for...
Help us build a bank!
Here at Mondo HQ, we're building the kind of bank we wish existed. A few weeks...
Welcome to Mondo!
Mondo is a new challenger bank in the UK, focussed on making your financial life easier...