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The Company

At Monzo we’re building a new kind of bank, built for your smartphone. The company, founded in early 2015, now has almost 200 employees based in our Old Street office. In August 2016 we officially became a regulated bank and will be launching current accounts in a matter of months.

Over 450,000 people in the UK are using the Monzo app as part of our Beta, on iOS or on Android, with hundreds more joining every day.

Tom Blomfield, Chief Executive Officer

Tom previously founded GoCardless, a fintech startup that has gone on to raise $25m. In 2013, he was nominated as one of the Top 5 Entrepreneurs Under 30 by the European Commission. He gives talks regularly about the future of banking and fintech.

Baroness Denise Kingsmill, Chairman of the Board

Denise was previously the deputy chair of the Competition Commission enquiry into Banking and Senior Advisor to RBS.

Eileen Burbidge, Investor Director

Eileen is a partner at Passion Capital and Fintech Envoy for HM Treasury. She has held product roles at Yahoo!, Skype, and Apple.

Paul Rippon, Deputy CEO & Co-Founder

Paul has 23 years of retail banking experience, looking after millions of customers at Lloyds, AIB and Natwest. He lectures in Banking Practice at the London Institute of Banking & Finance.

Gary Dolman, Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder

Gary was previously the CFO of ABN AMRO Transaction Banking overseeing a turnover of $5bn. He is a qualified chartered accountant.

Jonas Huckestein, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Jonas graduated from university at the age of 18, and has founded several Silicon Valley-based startups. He’s a Y Combinator alumnus.

In the news

Management Today, Jack Torrance, 5 May 2017

Will Monzo be the challenger that finally persuades you to ditch your old bank?

"I genuinely think we will build a hundred billion dollar business if not a trillion dollar business in this industry"

The Telegraph, Nick Trend, 27 Apr 2017

Is this the greatest travel accessory you've never heard of?

"It’s a terrible name and, as it happens, the card is a terrible bright pink colour. But I’ve tested it out on trips to Rome and Madrid, and so far it has proved an excellent option."

T3, David Nield, 26 Apr 2017

The banks of the future will run on our phones

"In five years time there's no doubt everybody will be banking like this"

CNBC, Neil Ainger, 25 Apr 2017

I want to create a lender that people don't hate, says challenger bank chair

""It's clear to me people hate their banks but don't leave until something goes wrong," said Denise Kingsmill"

The Mirror, Esther Shaw, 20 Apr 2017

Amazing rates, unparallelled convenience – but can you trust a bank that only exists on your phone?

"Monzo is another bank shunning the traditional high-street model and opting for an online-only approach."

Wired, 12 Apr 2017

High street banks are failing and they only have themselves to blame

"I think there’s a blockbuster moment coming for many of these banks."

The Memo, Alex Wood, 10 Apr 2017

Tech superstar Eileen Burbidge shuts down credit card thief with Monzo

"Superstar tech investor Eileen Burbidge fell victim this weekend, but the way she fought back showed us just how good the future for finance looks."

TechCrunch, Steve O'Hear, 5 Apr 2017

Monzo, a UK digital-only challenger bank, granted full banking license

"Monzo, one of a number of so-called “challenger” banks in the U.K. aiming to re-invent the current account, has had the “restrictions” on its banking license lifted"

The Sun, Sophie Christie, 29 Mar 2017

Atom, Monzo and Tandem – the new banks you’ve never heard of but here’s how they could make you richer

"Thanks to their attractive products, they are luring in new customers everyday, and are becoming a threat to traditional high street banks."

Business Insider, Oscar Williams-Grut, 2 Mar 2017

Monzo is touting expansion to Europe, US, and Asia to investors — just not yet

"Hot app-only startup bank Monzo is telling investors it wants to reach one billion customers worldwide, touting future expansion to Europe, the US, and Asia."

Business Insider, Oscar Williams-Grut, 1 Mar 2017

App-only bank Monzo's crowdfunding is almost three times oversubscribed after less than 24 hours

"pp-only startup bank Monzo has attracted enough initial interest in its £2.5 million ($3.1 million) crowdfunding campaign to fill it close to three times over, after less than 24 hours of pre-registration."

CNN, Bianca Britton, 24 Feb 2017

Monzo: A digital bank that's wowing its users

"More than 100,000 Brits have signed up for the smartphone bank that claims it will revolutionize banking"

TechCrunch, Steve O'Hear, 22 Feb 2017

Confirmed: UK challenger bank Monzo raises £19.5M with another £2.5M in crowdfunding planned

"The startup has raised £19.5 million from U.S.-based Thrive Capital, London’s Passion Capital, and Orange Digital Ventures, the venture arm of telco Orange."

The New Statesman, Amelia Tait, 23 Jan 2017

The Monzo question: should you ditch the high street and do all your banking on your phone?

"In the end, then, the sales pitch is not about how revolutionary Monzo is - but how backward every other bank seems to be."

The Huffington Post, Oscar Williams, 16 Jan 2017

Why I Gave Up My Debit Card And Haven’t Looked Back

"Monzo is like Fitbit but for personal finance."

The Guardian, Alex Hern, 1 Jan 2017

Tech startups to make your life more slick, secure and stylish in 2017

"Banking startup Monzo launched in 2015, but 2017 is set to be a turning point for the fintech darling."

El País, Joseba Elola, 20 Nov 2016

La vanguardia del ‘crowdfunding’

"La plataforma de Crowdcube se colapsó el día en que la campaña de Monzo salió al aire."

Xero Podcast, The Rod & Gary Show, 17 Nov 2016

The future of banking is rapidly approaching

"I was showing our Minister for Small Business... the way that Monzo cards work. When I saw this I was so blown away."

The Spectator, Emma Lunn, 27 Oct 2016

Are we ready for app-only bank accounts? A growing number of firms think so

"It promises to offer travellers the Mastercard exchange rate with no extra fees or charges for using the card abroad – unlike most banks which pile on the fees if you use your card overseas."

Forbes, Trevor Clawson, 19 Oct 2016

Banking On Data - Can A UK Startup Create A New Financial Services Market?

"“We have an unfair advantage,” says Tom Blomfield. “We have no customers and no revenues.”"

The Guardian, Alex Hern, 19 Oct 2016

Would you do your banking with a tech startup?

"Monzo wants to take on the traditional banking sector on its own turf, aiming to offer a full current account service in early 2017."

Wolff Olins, Sieun Cha, 14 Oct 2016

Banking for the WhatsApp Generation

"“When you can order an Uber at the click of a button or start seeing self-driving cars on the street, the idea that banking hasn’t changed in decades is extremely frustrating.”"

Phone Arena, Victor H, 12 Oct 2016

Monzo is a real, all-digital bank with cool features that traditional banks do not offer

"That's where Monzo comes in: yes, it's an app, but it's also a bank in itself. A real bank, just without the long lines and physical offices."

Bloomberg, Richard Partington and Jeremy Kahn, 28 Sep 2016

Neobanks Chasing U.K.’s Biggest Lenders Face Battle for Survival

"“It’s the Lamborghini of card colors, it’s vulgar, it’s shouting,” Lind says. “You know, if you stick it under UV light, it’s fluorescent,” Stanley adds."

Apple Newsroom, 1 Sep 2016

Hey Siri, send John $10

"Monzo will let you ask Siri to send payments to fellow Monzo users, authenticating them with the touch of a finger with Touch ID."

Mail Online, Press Association, 29 Aug 2016

Monzo boss warns major banks face ruin as they are swept away by new technology

"Tom Blomfield, Britain's youngest bank chief executive at 31, believes the British banking system is broken."

Mail Online, Joe Whitwell, 26 Aug 2016

As big banks retreat from the high street and challengers opt for digital, do we still need bank branches?

"Mondo is very lucky because we have customers that use their smartphones and not their branches."

The Sunday Times, Kiki Loizou, 26 Aug 2016

How to keep the bank manager in your pocket

"It’s not just millenials taking to the digital platform: Monzo’s oldest user is 74.”

PC Advisor, Chris Martin, 26 Aug 2016

Mondo Bank review: The app-only smart Mondo card, now called Monzo

"The travelling benefits alone will be enough for some people to get one alone. For others, the current pre-paid card could be used as a very modern way of giving kids pocket money or simply limiting your own spending if you're prone to getting carried away.”

Business Insider, Oscar Williams-Grut, 19 Aug 2016

App-only bank Mondo is changing its name next week

"But since announcing the name change process Mondo has won a restricted banking licence, meaning it can hold customer money and issue proper accounts.”

Business Insider, 18 Aug 2016

UK digital bank Mondo lays out plan to get full banking license

"We’ve entered the most profound era of change for financial services companies since the 1970s brought us index mutual funds, discount brokers and ATMs.”

The Memo, Oliver Smith, 12 Aug 2016

Are you ready for Britain’s challenger banks?

"This week Mondo, one of the most-hyped up and coming challenger banks, was given the golden seal of approval by the Bank of England to launch its app-based bank in Britain.”

Financial Times, Emma Dunkley, 11 Aug 2016

Mondo becomes the latest UK digital bank to gain a licence

"The bank, built around a mobile phone app, will focus on current accounts and digital services, interacting with customers by sending notifications and providing instant balance updates - rather than through high street branches.”

Tech City News, Yessi Bello Perez, 11 Aug 2016

Challenger bank Mondo gets green light from UK regulators

"London-based challenger bank Mondo has received a restricted UK banking license. UK financial regulators granted their approval approximately 18 months after the company was first founded in early 2015.”

Business Insider, Oscar Williams-Grut, 11 Aug 2016

App-only bank Mondo just got a banking licence

“Startup app-only bank Mondo just made a crucial step in becoming an official bank after being granted a restricted banking licence by UK regulators.”

TechCrunch, Steve O'Hear, 11 Aug 2016

It’s game on as Mondo, the UK banking startup, finally becomes a licensed bank

“Mondo, the U.K. mobile banking startup and probably the noisiest of the new breed of British challenger banks, is now officially, well, a bank.”

Wall Street Journal, Anna Irrera, 11 Aug 2016

Digital Start-Up Mondo Gets Banking License

“Mondo announced on Thursday that it has received a license “with restrictions” by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, less than 18 months after being founded.”

City AM, Lynsey Barber, 11 Aug 2016

Digital challenger bank Mondo just got its banking licence

“Digital challenger Mondo, a smartphone-only app, has been granted a banking licence which gives it free-reign to offer customers the full range of services offered by the traditional high street banks.”

The Debrief, Philly Malicka, 1 Aug 2016

Meet Mondo - The online bank which might just change your life

“Mondo has been dreamt up to combat frustrations at the inefficiencies of the traditional High Street banks, it's ‘for anyone that lives on their mobile phones’.”

BBC News, Simon Read and Matthew Wall, 5 Jul 2016

Can your smartphone really handle all your finances?

“At the moment Mondo only offers prepaid debit cards that can be topped up at cash machines and online, but it hopes to get a full banking licence later this year. This will enable it to offer standing order, direct debit and faster payments features.”

BBC RADIO, 17 Jun 2016

BBC Radio 4: Today

“We're taking a different approach… using the smartphone and technology to develop a relationship with our customers…and to use that relationship to manage their lifestyle.”

The Memo, Oliver Smith, 13 Jun 2016

The bank of the future needs a new name

“Mondo, the digital bank that we’ve come to know and love, needs your help finding a new name.”

City A.M., Edith Hancock, 13 Jun 2016

Challenger bank Mondo needs a new name after legal challenge

“We've seen close to 10,000 submissions already", said a cheery spokesperson for the firm. "As of right now we're at 9,400 and that's just from this morning!”

The Guardian, Rupert Jones, 14 May 2016

The digital upstarts offering app-only banking for smartphone users

“There is a long waiting list but Mondo is trying to send out 1,500 cards a week to everyone who wants one”

TechCrunch, Steve O'Hear, 17 Mar 2016

Mondo, the U.K. banking startup, opens public Beta

“Mondo, the yet-to-launch U.K. banking startup that is creating quite a lot of buzz amongst the London tech scene and beyond, is opening its Beta to the public today”

CNBC, Arjun Kharpal, 7th Mar 2016

Start-up banks: Can they take on the big players?

“Challenger banks – upstart lenders looking to take on the major retail players – are fast becoming all the rage”

Crowdfund Insider, JD Alois, 3rd Mar 2016

Mondo Bank Raises £1 Million in 96 Seconds. Sets Equity Crowdfunding Record.

“We are pretty comfortable in declaring a world record in equity crowdfunding for fastest million pound raise – ever.”

Marketing Magazine, Daniel Farey-Jones, 18 Feb 2016

Can apps like Mondo rescue consumers from banking's inertia?

“A brand being built through coverage in the technology press on top of a product being built in an extended soft launch with early adopters.”

Bloomberg, Jeremy Kahn, 16 Feb 2016

Challenger UK Bank Mondo Asks Customers to Help Fund Opening

“Mondo is one of a growing number of companies trying to disrupt retail banking in the U.K.”

CityAM, Lynsey Barber, 15 Feb 2016

Mobile challenger bank Mondo raises £5m from Passion Capital and plans £1m crowdfunding campaign ahead of 2016 launch

“Innovative new mobile-first challenger bank Mondo has landed a fresh round of funding”

The Next Web, Martin Bryant, 15 Feb 2016

Mondo gives you a smarter debit card – and could one day replace your bank

“It feels like I’m living in the future of money management”

Business Insider, Oscar Williams-Grut, 15 Feb 2016

App-only bank Mondo is valued at £30 million in an oversubscribed £6 million fundraise

“The potential market size is an order of magnitude or two bigger than the kind most other companies try and tackle.”

The Wall Street Journal, Max Colchester and Margot Patrick, 19 Jan 2016

After Crisis, Banks' Model Faces Disruption

“From a cramped office in East London, Tom Blomfield, a 30-year-old Brit, is preparing to take on the banking sector.”

The Memo, Alex Wood, 18 Jan 2016

Let hackers break the banks to fix our finances

“Its about Mondo being an open platform, one that welcomes people to build ideas and even money-making businesses on top of the bank they’re building.”

Business Insider, James Cook, 2nd Dec 2015

This British startup has created a high-tech banking app and credit card — here's what it's like to use

“I used to carry around loads of cash and only used my card for big purchases. But Mondo is handy because I can clearly see everything I do.”

TechRadar, Gareth Beavis, 29 Nov 2015

How can a bank tell you when you've got a water leak?

“Mondo definitely isn't banking the way you'll be used to.”

City AM, Harriet Green, 19 Nov 2015

Fintech lookahead 2016: the disruptors you should be looking out for

“Banking simply “no longer stacks up” in its current iteration – and that often means a poor deal for the consumer.”

Real Business, Russell Gould, 30 Sep 2015

Digital invasion – A look at the offerings signalling a new era for banking

“Mondo will will focus on predictive and intuitive software.”

Bloomberg, Stephanie Baker, 18 Aug 2015

A Bank for People Who Hate Banks

“Mondo CEO Tom Blomfield doesn't look like a typical banker, and he doesn't want his mobile app to behave like a typical bank”

Business Insider, Oscar Williams-Grut, 14 Aug 2015

A look inside Mondo, a bank that's just an app

“Founder Tom Blomfield says Mondo's entire experience is designed around your smartphone”

The Guardian, Jill Treanor, 29 Jun 2015

Digital banking: Mondo hopes to become the Google or Facebook of the sector

"I think that in the next two or three years a bank will be launched that will become the scale of Google or Facebook”

The Memo, Alex Wood, 25 Jun 2015

Mondo, the app that’s got the banks worried

"Mondo is a bank designed for the world we live in today.”

TechCrunch, Steve O’Hear, 24 May 2015

GoCardless Founder Tom Blomfield’s New Startup Is A “Full Stack” Mobile-First Bank

"Mondo is a bank designed for the world we live in today.”