Browser Support Policy

We want you to have the best experience when browsing our websites and apps.

To do this, we have a list of browsers that we actively support, so you can use Monzo on the web.

What is a browser? 🌐

A browser is an app on your phone or computer that lets you visit the web. You are using one to read this message 👋

Browsers we support 👍

Every now and then we’ll review this list to reflect what our customers are using, at the moment we support:

Apple Safari 12+

Safari is the default browser on iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.

Google Chrome 64+

Chrome is made by Google, and its core (called Chromium) is used by other browsers, like Microsoft Edge, Samsung Browser, and is the default for many Android phones and tablets.

Mozilla Firefox 60+

Firefox is a popular open source browser made by Mozilla, a not-for-profit.

Microsoft Edge 79+

Edge is the default for Windows devices

What if my browser isn’t on the list? 🤷‍♂️

You may find your browser still works fine. There are lots of browsers on the market and we can’t list them all. Many browsers use the same technology to work, like Chromium by Google.

You’ll know if your browser isn’t supported if you visit our website and see a banner informing you, or you are taken to a new page asking you to upgrade.

💡 Upgrading your browser is very simple nowadays, and impartial websites like Browse Happy can help you decide on a browser.

Why can’t I use an unsupported browser? 😞

🦹 So you can stay safe.

Older browsers don’t have the same safeguards that modern ones offer, and can make it easier for fraudsters and criminals to snoop on you while you browse.

👀 So you can browse in privacy

New browsers have better privacy options, so you can browse happily