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Browser Support Policy

11th August 2023

We want you to have the best experience when browsing our websites and apps. We also want to keep you safe.

To do this, we have a list of browsers that we actively support.

What is a browser? 🌐

A browser is an app on your phone or computer that lets you visit the web. You are using one to read this message 👋

Browser versions we support

We support the latest versions of Chrome and Safari available on Android and iOS on the mobile OS platforms we support. may work on older versions but we don’t guarantee it. We always recommend running the latest version of your browser.

What we support strikes a balance between:

  • Which browser versions the majority of our customers use

  • Availability of security updates

  • The total number of browser versions we need to support

    • Multiple new versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge come out each year, and we want customers to have the best experience possible.

What if my browser isn’t on the list? 🤷‍♂️

You may find your browser still works fine. There are lots of browsers on the market and we can’t list them all. Many browsers use the same technology to work, like Chromium by Google.

💡 Upgrading your browser is very simple nowadays, and impartial websites like Browse Happy can help you decide on a browser.

Why can’t I use an unsupported browser? 😞

🦹 So you can stay safe.

Older browsers don’t have the same safeguards that modern ones offer, and can make it easier for fraudsters and criminals to snoop on you while you browse.

👀 So you can browse in privacy

New browsers have better privacy options, so you can browse happily.