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Supporting all our customers

We have a dedicated team to make sure Monzo understands, considers and advocates for the needs of all our customers, especially those in difficult circumstances who are most likely to have problems with their money. We offer specialist support and tools designed with that in mind.

Making money work for everyone

We're all likely to at some point experience circumstances that affect our overall financial wellbeing. We hope that Monzo makes it easy to manage your money no matter what situation you're in, but if not then telling us about your circumstances can help.

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Our specialist support

We have specialist teams dedicated to helping you through money worries, the impact of life events on your finances, and day to day money management. We also have information on how we can support you if you have physical or mental health conditions & disabilities that affect your relationship with your money, or with us as your bank.

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Getting help elsewhere

Sometimes your situation might require specialist support that Monzo doesn’t offer. We understand that your situation might require more than just help from us as your bank. We’ve put together a list of external resources you might find useful, based on what our customers talk to us about the most.

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If you have money worries

We're here to make money work for everyone, and we mean it. If it's causing you worry, or you find yourself in financial difficulties we're here to help. We have a specialist team that can support you whether you’re struggling to repay us, or someone else. We’ve put together some information about all the ways we can help.

Tools to help

We want to give everyone visibility and control of their finances, and access to tools to help make managing money easier in difficult situations. Here’s a few tools we offer that help when you’re struggling.

Gambling Block

Our customers can block themselves from making gambling transactions on their Monzo account, straight from the app. If they’d prefer to talk to someone first, customers can also start a chat with someone in our customer support team by heading to the Help tab in the app. Our team can tell you more about how it works, help you switch it on, and point you to other sources of support and information.

Share With Us

Share With Us is a way for our customers to tell us what additional support they need. If there’s something customers want to let us know about their circumstances, they can let us know discreetly, with no phone calls involved and no chat log history. This links directly to our specialist support team, who are trained to support customers in difficult or distressing circumstances.

Spending Controls

Throughout our lives, it’s possible all of us may reach a point where we need more support to feel in control of, and comfortable with our spending. Our current accounts come with an option to reduce your maximum daily limits for ATM withdrawals, bank transfers, card payments and Monzo to Monzo payments.

Supporting all our customers