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The latest updates, stories, ideas and guides from the Monzo team.

Business Banking
21 February 2024

How to: add information to transactions (including receipts)

A guide for attaching receipts, updating categories and adding notes to your transactions in the Monzo Business app.

Business Banking
20 February 2024

How to: automate tax savings with Tax Pots

A guide for setting up an automated Tax Pot in your Monzo Business app.

Business Banking
20 February 2024

How to: integrate your accounting software

A guide for integrating you accounting software in your Monzo Business app.

Title image that says 'What are Monzo's technical expectations for Engineering Leaders?', with an image of a green traffic light
19 February 2024

What are Monzo's technical expectations for Engineering Leaders?

This post will explore how EMs at Monzo continue to leverage their software engineering backgrounds in practice, and how Monzo assesses those skills in our hiring process.

Image of the title: How to create a customer segmentation?, with an image of a cake with a slice cut out
15 February 2024

How to create a customer segmentation: choosing the right segmentation approach

Customer segmentation is the art of dividing customers into useful groups, but there are a lot of pitfalls to avoid along the way. Here is Monzo’s guide to help you decide your segmentation approach, collect the right data, and more.

Diversity and Inclusion
31 January 2024

An update on our gender pay gap, 2023

Between 5 April 2022 and 5 April 2023, our median gender pay gap reduced from 9.3% to 8.1%.

The title words 'How we built a queue on top of Kafka' against a hot coral Monzo background, with pictures of a puzzle graphic
25 January 2024

How we built a queue on top of Kafka

This blog covers core parts of the journey Constantign embarked on when he raised his first "small change" pull request, and how over time we have built a rich client library and set of abstractions that sit on top of Kafka

Image that says 'How we unified our customers’ activity on the new home screen' with a graphic of the Monzo home screen and a paint roller
10 January 2024

How we unified our customers’ activity on the new home screen

In this blog post, we explore how we built our home screen, a single stream of activity that lets you glance over the latest updates across all your bank accounts! Less searching around, less app-hopping, less confusion. 

22 December 2023

Building Year in Monzo – as told by engineering

We’ve shared the behind the scenes insights into how we wrote 5 million Years in Monzo, and the magic behind the data. Now we’re going to dig into how we turned this data into the Year in Monzo experience you know and love.

Hero image with the text "How we built Year in Monzo - unlocking the data magic". Has an image of a blue smiley face and data being processed.
20 December 2023

How we built Year in Monzo: unlocking the data magic ✨

Several months back, we got our heads together and started dreaming up Year in Monzo 2023. Here's the data team's story about how we get to where we are today.

Marketing team
19 December 2023

How we wrote 5 million Years in Monzo

Running a campaign at this scale is a group effort. The words are especially important because there’s lots of them, and each one counts towards building a delightful experience. Here's the BTS story of how we wrote Year in Monzo this time around.

Headline says 'Securing admin access to Monzo's platform' with a cartoon of two locks on the bottom right
15 December 2023

Securing admin access to Monzo’s platform

Monzo runs on a shared platform of infrastructure that hosts our microservices. In this post, we’ll discuss how we broker access to our infrastructure credentials with a system that is resistant to attacks even from the team that maintains it.

Illustration of a greeting card with a Monzo logo on it, with a speech bubble with a heart coming out of it.
1 December 2023

Thank you, from our co-founder Jonas

After nine years, our co-founder Jonas is leaving Monzo ❤️

Image shows the words 'A Day in the Life of a Technical Programme Manager at Monzo' with a bright green border and a celebratory graphic on the bottom right.
24 November 2023

A Day in the Life of a Technical Programme Manager at Monzo

The Technical Programme Manager (TPM for short) role is hugely varied. I want to take you on a journey through a typical day in my life as a Technical Programme Manager here at Monzo.

Product Updates
6 November 2023

How we built the new Home screen, by the people who got us here

We've had a makeover, redesigning your Home screen to keep track of all the things you have going on in Monzo today and to make space for the future.