Publishing our 2018 Annual Report!

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An annual report gives a detailed look at a company's activities in the last financial year. It covers what the company’s been doing, and how that’s affected its finances. They’re written for the company’s shareholders and investors, reviewed by auditors and the board, and submitted to Companies House.

But, that usually means a company’s customers never actually see what’s in it.

Screenshot of the Annual Report

If annual reports are supposed to be shared with the people who have a stake in the company, we think we should share ours with our customers too. When you choose to bank with Monzo, you put your trust in us. And we believe that means we should be transparent and accountable to you.

So, as we did last year, we’re publishing our second annual report, this time for the financial year that ended in February 2018.

Read Our 2018 Annual Report

It starts with an overview from our CEO, Tom, diving into the details of the business and our plans for the future. And we’ve made an effort to make the whole thing easy to access and easy to read.

We’ve sent it to all our crowdfunding investors, and you can find it at any time on our website and through our Transparency Dashboard.

Please feel free to ask us any questions, let us know what you think, or share your ideas for how we can make it better next year! Join the discussion in the community 📣