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Monzo Hq

Monzo HQ
3 October 2021

An update on our gender pay gap, April 2020 and April 2021

We've reduced our median gender pay gap to 4%, down from 20% between 2019 and 2021.

Some teachers, pupils, and Jess from Monzo standing in a row with a laptop
Monzo HQ
10 June 2021

We've partnered with Open Palm to donate our tech to local schools!

Hackney has one of the highest child poverty rates of any London borough. So we're being good neighbours and sharing some of our surplus laptops with schools.

"Celebrating one year of Monzo Business!" on a blue background surrounded by Monzo Business cards
Monzo HQ
Let's Talk Business
Business Banking
17 March 2021

We're celebrating one year of Monzo Business!

We launched Monzo Business a year ago today! Here's how it's gone so far, and what's coming next 🚀

Year in Monzo 2020
Monzo HQ
12 January 2021

Check out your Year in Monzo 2020!

Year in Monzo shows you insights into how you spent, saved, shared money with friends and worked towards your financial goals over the last year.

An illustration of a document and a file.
Monzo HQ
1 September 2020

We're adding two new fees, which only affect a minority of customers

For some cash withdrawals in the UK and EEA, and for delivering some replacement cards.

Best bank for overall service and mobile banking
Monzo HQ
17 August 2020

We’re the best bank for Overall Service Quality and Online and Mobile Banking Services!

We’re excited to announce that this year we ranked #1 in the Overall Service Quality and Online and Mobile Banking Services categories!

Monzo HQ
3 August 2020

Are you an ally or an advocate for LGBTQ+ inclusion?

We all have a role to play in advancing equality for the LGBTQ+ community.

Illustration of a brain
Monzo HQ
2 April 2020

How we support neurodiversity at Monzo

A guide to what neurodiversity means, and how we support our team at Monzo

Monzo HQ
16 March 2020

Plans cancelled because of coronavirus? Find out if you can get your money back

If your plans get disrupted or cancelled because of coronavirus, we explain if and how you might be able to get your money back, and what we can do to help.

Monzo HQ
16 March 2020

How to avoid scams about coronavirus

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the coronavirus outbreak. Here's some tips and guidance to identify and avoid these scams.

Monzo HQ
16 March 2020

We're here to support you with your money and your Monzo account during the coronavirus outbreak

We're here to help you as usual, and we're ready to keep doing so.

Monzo HQ
18 February 2020

Monzo and Money Saving Expert are the UK’s most recommended brands

According to research by YouGov, 90% of customers would recommend Monzo to a friend 🚀

Monzo HQ
23 January 2020

More people switch their bank accounts to Monzo

18 people joined Monzo for every one that left – more than any other bank!

Monzo HQ
16 January 2020

We've started reporting to Experian

We're now reporting to two of the three big credit reference agencies – TransUnion and Experian. This means you'll appear on more credit reports.

Year in Monzo
Monzo HQ
14 January 2020

Check out your Year in Monzo!

See how you used Monzo in 2019.