13 Jul 2017

The Class of 2017: Launching Monzo University

The world of finance can be incredibly difficult to understand. Jargon, needlessly complex numbers, obtuse processes; it all contributes to an opaque system that as everyday users is hard to get involved in, let alone really get to grips with.

We want to change that. As we continue to grow rapidly, we’re bringing on board more and more experts from across the world of finance, money, budgeting and everything that connects to it. Internally, we run “Knowledge Share” sessions in which a member of the Monzo team will explain a topic they know lots about to the rest of the team and we wanted to bring that same access to knowledge to our wider community. You.

So today, we’re launching the very first version of Monzo University, a place where we pull together knowledge from both within the Monzo team, and also externally, to help everyday people get to grips with their money. We’ll use the best medium for the topic — sometimes that’ll be text, sometimes imagery, sometimes video, and sometimes a combination of everything. We’d love you to check it out!

Visit Monzo University

As we often do at Monzo, we’re launching an early preview of this to get feedback from our community — which topics did you find most helpful and what areas would you like to see demystified in the future? Please share it with your friends too so they can access the info and over time, we’ll add more topics and improve our existing ones to make it the best possible resource we can. There’s a dedicated post on the community forum in which you can suggest new topics and we’ll use those to find the best people to create a guide on it.

Please check Monzo University out and let us know what you think! We’d love to build this new resource with your help, so please let us know what you think and share it with anyone who it might be helpful for.

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