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My refund hasn’t arrived

How long your refund takes will depend on the merchant. In some cases, it can take up to 14 days from the day the merchant processed your refund.

If you’ve been waiting more than 14 days, please check with the merchant that they definitely sent the money. If the merchant has confirmed that they've sent the money, it's been 14 days, it still hasn't arrived, chat to us and we can advise you on next steps.

When you get in touch we'll ask you for some proof that you made the payment, so please make sure you have this before you chat to us. Some examples of proof include:

  • a picture of the original receipt
  • proof you spoke to the merchant about a refund (like an email you sent them)
  • a cancellation order.

Finally, make sure you account for return delivery times. If you needed to send an item back the 14 days will only begin once they've received the item.

🏨🚙 I'm waiting for a car rental or hotel deposit

If you're expecting a refunded deposit from a car rental company or hotel, it'll take around 30 days. If you need this money sooner please get in touch with us, with proof from the merchant that they intend to return the money to you.

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