4 Sep 2018

How to get your salary paid into your Monzo account

Using Monzo as your main account means you can use Summary to track your spending from payday to payday.

We’ll help you understand how much of your money goes to committed spending like bills, rent or mortgage payments, and how much you have left to spend everything else!

There are a few ways to add money to your Monzo account, but if you want to get your salary paid straight in, here’s how.

Update your account details with the people who pay you

To start getting your salary paid into Monzo, share your Monzo account number and sort code with the people who pay you.

To share your sort code and account number:

  1. Head to the Account tab in your app
  2. Tap your name at the top of the screen
  3. Tap the option to ‘Share account details’
  4. You can copy and paste the information, or send it in an email

Switch to Monzo with the Current Account Switch Service

You can use the Current Account Switch Service to move all your payments over to Monzo automatically, including your salary.

It only takes a few minutes to start a switch, and it’ll happen in the background over the next seven working days.

Before you start:

  • Make sure you have the account number, sort code and bank card for the bank you want to switch away from
  • Check that your personal information (like your current address) is up to date at both banks


  1. Head to the Account tab in your app
  2. On iOS, tap on your name. On Android, tap the Settings icon
  3. Tap to ‘Switch to Monzo’ and we’ll guide you through your switch!

New to Monzo? Find out more on the blog, and head to the Simple Questions Thread on the community forum to ask us anything you like!

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