Unleashing the Dragons: Bringing Monzo to Cardiff

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Hot Chip in Wales

Customer Operations (COps) is our fastest growing team at Monzo and we are bursting at the seams in our London office. We now have 171 people working from London HQ, with another 67 working remotely.

To help us continue growing this team in a sustainable way, we’ve decided to explore opportunities for opening an office outside of London! This presents us with several benefits that we’re really excited about, especially the opportunities to bring good jobs to areas outside London and the chance to grow an increasingly diverse team.

One of the cities we love is Cardiff. Its growing job market, fantastic reputation for customer service and easy access to London all make it a great choice. However, we also want to make the right choice strategically for our customers and investors and for the longevity of Monzo as a business.

Today, we’re happy to announce we’re working with the Welsh Government and Cardiff Council on a grant application that, if successful, will make opening in Cardiff a really great and viable option.

Before we fully commit, and whilst we are working on our grant application, we’re kicking off a three month trial which will involve hiring between twenty and sixty new staff in Cardiff. They will be permanent Monzo employees who will spend their first three months working in a temporary office in Cardiff city centre and will receive all the training and benefits of every other team member. If the test goes well, and the grant application is approved, our new Cardiff COps will be the first cohort in an office that could grow to more than 500 over the next 3 years. If not, and a permanent Cardiff office doesn’t go ahead, they will still be guaranteed roles within Monzo, either working remotely or in our London office.

We’re very excited about this opportunity, and the chance to meet the newest potential Monzonauts in Cardiff. If you’d like to apply, check out our new job ad here!

Our first assessments will be in a couple weeks so if you are passionate about making customers happy, excited by what Monzo is doing and live in the Cardiff area, apply today. And if you’re not in Cardiff, we’ve still got lots of roles open in London and working remotely that we’d love to chat to you about.