How to use Monzo to split bills

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Sick of friends forgetting to pay you back? Mental maths not up to scratch?

You can split the bill easily with anyone on Monzo, whether or not you have their phone number. And if your friends aren’t on Monzo yet, you can send them a link so they can pay you back easily.

So, next time you order the Uber home for your friends, split the bill with Monzo instead!

  1. Tap on the payment you want to split, then scroll down and tap Split this bill

  2. Pick who you’d like to split the bill with, or use Nearby Friends if you don’t have their numbers. If your friend’s not on Monzo, tap Add someone not on Monzo

  3. Tap Request Money to ask everyone to pay you (we’ll split the bill evenly, but you can edit the amounts if you need to)

Once they’ve paid you back, we’ll let you know!

Download Monzo to take the stress out of splitting bills with your friends!