Get £2,500 for Referring a Backend Engineer

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We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join the team at Monzo. Did you know that you’ll get £500 if you help us find someone amazing, and we decide to hire them? That’s because last year we launched our public hiring bonus, so that anyone can refer friends or colleagues to Monzo.

Right now, we need a lot more Backend Engineers to join the team. We’ve got lots of exciting projects in the works, and need the engineers to build them! You can take a look at our Transparent Product Roadmap to find out what we’ll be working on.

Because we need more Backend Engineers, we’re pleased to announce that until 30th June 2018, we’ve upped the referral bonus for that role to £2,500 🎉

That’s £2,500 to spend on whatever you like! Or to put aside in a pot for a rainy day 🌧️

It’s especially helpful if you can refer friends who are ready to interview: introduce them to Monzo if they don’t know about us already, and get them excited about the possibility of working here. Sadly, we can’t pay the bonus if you refer someone we’re already in touch with.

You can find out more about what working at Monzo is like on our careers page. And you can read about the kind of work our engineers do on the blog.

Your friend should then apply online, and make sure they mention your name in their application!

Thanks! You can check out the job description or head to to find out more.