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Access rights on Monzo Business

You can add up to 2 team members to an account with Monzo Business Pro.

There are two types of access level a team member can have – admin or collaborator.


Admins have full, administrative rights to the account. This means they can do anything you can do – like make payments, withdraw money, invite and remove other team members, update business details and close the account.


Collaborators have limited access rights to the account. They can do some account actions that an admin can, but they can’t:

  • Invite and remove other team members

  • Use the current account switching service (CASS)

  • Close the account

  • Update details like trading address and business logo

  • Increase payment limits

  • Upgrade/downgrade the account plan

  • Apply for loans

You’ll see the full access list in the app before you add someone.

Just like admins, collaborators have their own debit card. That means they can make payments, send bank transfers, withdraw money, view or export statements and help with other financial admin.

If you'd like to change the access level of a team member on an account, get in touch with us through in-app chat.

Note: a sole trader account supports 1 admin and up to 2 collaborators, whereas a limited company account can have up to 3 admins.

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