New to the UK? Open a bank account in minutes with Monzo

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If you’ve recently arrived in the UK, welcome!

As is the case almost-everywhere, a bank account is essential to starting your life in the UK. It makes it easier to receive your salary and pay taxes, and it can help you avoid charges for using a non-UK card here.

But getting a bank account when you’re new to the country isn’t always easy.

Opening a bank account with Monzo takes minutes. You can sign up from your phone and we won’t ask you to provide proof of your address (we verify your date of birth instead).

Get started!

Just download the Monzo app and follow the instructions to sign up.

To confirm your identity, we’ll ask you to take a picture of your ID and a short video of yourself.

You’ll need one of the following forms of ID:

  • Passport

  • Driving licence (you can use a provisional licence)

  • National ID card

  • Other government issued photo ID

We’ll ask for a UK address where we can send your debit card and it’ll arrive there in a few working days. You can use your work address or a friend’s address (just make sure you’ve asked their permission!)

You can sign up without providing proof of address

You usually need to prove you have a bank account to rent a home or pay your bills. But to get a bank account at most banks, you usually need to provide proof of your address!

At Monzo, we don’t ask you to prove your address because we verify your birthday instead.

When you sign up for a Monzo bank account, we’re required by regulations to verify your identity. There are two ways we can do that: by verifying your name and address, or your name and date of birth. We do the latter when we check your ID during signup.

We want everyone to be able to access basic financial services like bank accounts, and are working hard to make sure that’s the case wherever possible. Read more about what we’re doing to improve access to banking.

Open a UK bank account with Monzo in minutes from your phone!