8 Dec 2017

The Monzo Mixtape Vol.2

“The only truth is music.”
― Jack Kerouac

It’s December, and you know what that means! Your friends, family, and colleagues will bombard you with Christmas music, all in the name of holiday cheer.

So, to help save you from the millionth run-through of “Fairytale of New York” and “All I Want for Christmas is You”, we’ve put together another playlist of tracks selected by our wonderful team.

Our headcount here at Monzo HQ has almost doubled in size since volume one of the Monzo Mixtape was released this summer, so expect a new mix of genres and lots of new names! You can have a listen on Spotify and find out why we love these songs below.

You can also type spotify:user:monzohq into the Spotify search bar to find our account!

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift - chosen by James Amey, Customer Operations (COps)

“Whether you’re having a bad day, or a whole set of circumstances has got you down, sometimes it’s nice to listen to something that’s easy on the ears and that reminds you to… shake it off.”

Lotus (Johan Vilborg Remix) by Dinka - chosen by Chris Leech, COps

“This song got me through some tricky times back when I was in hospital. When things were looking bleak, I stuck this song on and my mood lifted instantly!”

Take It Easy by The Eagles - chosen by Calum Clark, COps Squad Captain

“It’s just the chillest tune. Helps to de-stress when you’re facing a seemingly endless customer support queue.”

Animal Spirits by Vulfpeck - chosen by Tom Crane, COps

“It’s just a very happy love song and it reminds me of The Jackson 5.”

More Bounce To The Ounce by Zapp - chosen by Simon B, COps & Community

“I challenge anyone to find a funkier song than this. The legendary Roger Troutman, with some help from the equally legendary George Clinton and Bootsy Collins, changed the face of funk with this song, moving from the more organic, horn based funk of the 60’s and 70’s to the electronic, synth-driven digital funk of the 80’s. It’s also one of the most sampled tracks in hip-hop!”

Good Kid by Kendrick Lamar - chosen by Ayub Nasir, Risk & Compliance

“It’s Kendrick Lamar… Come on!”

Silver Lining by Kacey Musgraves - chosen by Bobbi Nicholson, Recruitment Lead (Customer Operations)

“It reminds me that the greatest inspiration can come from the worst situation - but you have to be open to it!”

Deep Inside Of You by Gloria Ann Taylor - chosen by James Routley, Backend Engineer

“It’s definitely the best song ever written.”

Get Lucky by Daft Punk - chosen by Samantha Davies, User Researcher

“It’s an instant classic and utterly impossible not to sing along and move to.”

Imagine by Shola Ama - chosen by Georgie Parmenter, Executive Assistant

“This was the first song I sang. Forget nursery rhymes, I was a child of garage!”

“The lyrics have some beautiful imagery and are so eloquent.”

Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay - chosen by Liam Houghton, COps

“It’s just an uplifting song. Their concerts are a bit euphoric, so listening takes me back to that.”

On Hold (Jamie xx Remix) by The xx - chosen by Harry Marr, Technical Product Owner

“Because of our wonderful in-app chat, our customers never need to be put on hold! ☎️🚫”

Run Away With Me by Carly Rae Jepsen - chosen by Brenda Wong, COps

“Carly Rae Jepsen is genuinely the Mozart of pop music. She’s highly underrated! Try listening to this song without feeling happy.”

Amongster by Poliça - chosen by Kate Beard, Office Manager

“This is one of my favourite songs to put on headphones and just get immersed in.”

Lite Spots by Kaytranada - chosen by Victor Simuyemba, COps

“This song is an emotional rollercoaster.”

Cool by Zack Villere - chosen by Carlton Fredericks, Fincrime Specialist

“I feel like it’s a pretty accurate reflection of me!”

Mi Swing Es Tropical by Quantic & Nickodemus - chosen by Alex Fox, COps

“You may recognise this song from every daydream you have ever had of piña coladas in the Caribbean sun. Enjoy!”

Can You Get To That by Funkadelic - chosen by Jacq Bridge, COps

“It’s super funky and way too catchy.”

Drowned by Halloween, Alaska - chosen by Dan Brown, Software Developer

“This is a wildly under-appreciated album, imho.”

Kusanagi by Odesza - chosen by Michael Colley, Business Operations

“It gets me in the right headspace every morning.”

I Need A Forest Fire by James Blake - chosen by Kavi Dhokia, Android Engineer

“Reminds me of Autumn.”

Morning by Janice Vidal - chosen by Sunny Yu, Digital Marketer

“It’s a beautiful song that I often listen to on my way to our office!”

The Heaviest Matter of the Universe by Gojira - chosen by Dillon Van Auken, Remote Team Lead

“I think the song title speaks for itself”

(Sic) by Slipknot - chosen by Kim Porter, COps Specialist

“For me this song represents the first time music blew my mind. I was 12 and had never heard a thing like it, I vividly remember being transfixed. I only occasionally listen to metal now as I like so many different genres, but I’ve never stopped looking to repeat the feeling of awe I had all those years back.”

High Hopes by Pink Floyd - chosen by Ella Johanny, Hiring Co-Ordinator

“It’s got so many emotions! First the album (High Hopes) is about communication. The song is full of strength and mystery, as well as being wistful and melancholic. The lyrics talk about losses and learnings in life, but they aren’t overpowering and leave space to appreciate Pink Floyd’s incredible sound and an amazing guitar solo at the end.”

We hope you like listening! Tell us what you think of our selection on the forum, and share some of your favourites too 🙂 🎶

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