Spending on Android! New Update Out Now

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As promised, we’re keeping up the pace with our Android updates and we’ve just pushed version 1.2.0 to the ({{ site.adjust_play_store_link }}). This is a major update bringing Spending, as well as a variety of other improvements and bug fixes.


Our much loved Spending screen lets you see breakdowns of…you guessed it…your spending, by category and month. We’ve brought it to Android and also built in loads of improvements we’ve gathered from feedback from our iOS users over the last few months.

Spending on Android

Pull out the navigation drawer on the left hand side to access the screen and you’ll see your spending in the current month, split out by category. You can drill down within each category to see all of your transactions as well as see which merchants you spent the most at. Scroll down to see breakdowns for every month you’ve used Monzo and compare how your spending patterns have changed, for better or worse!

We hope this makes it really easy to keep an eye on how much you’ve been spending and which category most of your outgoings fall in. As with all our features, over time we’ll continue to improve this screen and bring our Targets functionality into it too so you can set yourself a budget for the month and easily keep track of it.

Other improvements

We’ve updated our in-app chat support with a refreshed design, an indicator of average response times and a clearer view into who from the Monzo team you’re chatting with. If you have any questions or issues while using the app, we’d love to chat. Last week our median response time was just over 3 minutes, so you won’t be waiting long!

1.2.0 also fixes a bunch of bugs that were reported by our wonderful users. Specifically, we’ve stopped some of your older transactions temporarily disappearing from your feed, ensured negative balances are displayed correctly on every screen and fixed an issue where attachments would be incorrectly rotated on Samsung and LG phones.

Finally, we spent some time on streamlining the app and we’re very happy to say that the size of the app is now less than half what it was previously, meaning it’s quicker to download and takes up much less space on your phone.

If this update floats your boat, we’d love a ({{ site.adjust_play_store_link }})! Every review really helps 😍

We’re now hard at work on the next big feature for Monzo on Android for 1.3.0, which you’ll love if you know anyone else who uses Monzo…