What is a credit score?
It can all sound overwhelming and confusing, but it doesn’t need to. We’ve created this short guide to walk you through it. Here Venkat Srinivasan, Monzo’s Head of Lending, explains exactly what a credit score is and why it’s important to you.
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How do I get good debt advice?
Getting in to debt and finding debt advice can be scary and confusing, but it shouldn't be. Here Stuart McFadden, Monzo’s Head of Financial Difficulties, explores the world of debt advice agencies and explains how to get good advice.
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What next?
We're going to be regularly adding articles to Monzo University. What would you like to see next?
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How do card payments work?
The moment from when you use your card in a shop to it being approved can seem nearly instant, but there's a lot going on behind the scenes. Here Monzo University breaks the journey of a card payment down, from sandwich to notification in just a few seconds.
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Even though money is something that we interact with every single day, some of the key aspects of banking and finance can still be alien and daunting to us.

Monzo University is a simple guide to the world of money and what’s happening behind the scenes at your bank.

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Why we’re doing this

Financial education is incredibly important to everyone at Monzo. There are so many people within the team who have huge depths of knowledge within the financial industry and we wanted to share as much as possible of that with our whole community.