Introducing Salary Sorter

Neatly sort your money between spending, bills and savings, without leaving your Monzo account.

Under one roof, but separated

The Salary Sorter helps you divide up your spending, bills and savings to suit you, all in one convenient place. So there’s no worrying about accidentally spending the rent, and no shifting around between accounts to see where your money is.

Monzo's Salary SorterMonzo's Salary Sorter

Adding your salary is simple

If you’re about to join Monzo, you can add your salary when you sign up. Or if you’re already with us, either give your account number and sort code to your employer, or switch fully to Monzo without lifting a finger.

The Salary SorterThe Salary Sorter

Get paid a day early, for free

If you get paid into Monzo, we won’t just sort your salary, we’ll pay you a day early too! No cost, no hassle - just more time with your money.