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Using your Monzo current account as a business account

You can only use your Monzo personal account for personal payments. If you need to make business payments, you should try our business account: Monzo Business.

In case you're unsure, here's how we define personal and business use:

Personal use:

  • Everyday spending

  • Paying for expenses to later be reimbursed by your employer

  • Getting your salary (even if you're self-employed)

  • Using your account to receive money from selling a few items online (if you’re not buying and re-selling with the intention of turning a profit)

Business use:

  • Using your personal account as the primary bank account for a business as either a registered company or sole trade

  • Using your account to buy and resell items you're making a profit on

  • Billing multiple clients for services you or your company provide

To get started with Monzo Business, head to the Home tab in your app and tap 'Open a Business Account'. Or you can sign up for Monzo Business right here.

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