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How blocks work

The gambling block

Whenever you pay for something with your card, there’s a code for the transaction. So when we see a payment with a gambling code, we can block it.

Sometimes if the company doesn’t have a gambling code, it can be tricky for us to stop the payment in time. You can tell us and we’ll block that company from then on, but we can’t undo the payment.

When you set up the gambling block, we’ll ask you to set up a cooldown period. It can be anything from 2 days to a year and you’ll have to wait out that cooldown before you can switch the block off.

The spending block

If you’d like to stop spending at a specific place, we can add a block for that merchant.

If you’d like to block more than one merchant, you can do that too. But you’ll have to do each one separately.

The spending block doesn’t have a cooldown, so you can take it off any time.

These blocks are only for card payments

But if you’d like to block other payments, like bank transfers, just let us know.

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