Pots are here on Monzo Beta!

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Pots are here on Monzo Beta!  

We’ve been working hard on adding features you want to Monzo Beta and we’re super excited to announce that Pots are now ready 🚀

Pots are a tool to help you budget and save for your goals 🍯

Pots can be used for many purposes: plan for a vacation, a big night out, or use a Pot to save for a rainy day.

Creating a Pot takes seconds 

Simply give it a name and add an image. Start putting money in straight away, or wait until payday if you like! 😉

You can set up multiple Pots for different purposes, and see an overview of all your money under the Account tab in your app.

Because you’ve set it aside for budgeting, money in your Pots won’t be included in your available balance, and you won’t be able to spend it. If plans change or you find yourself low on money, you can always move money from a Pot back into your main account instantly.

Round up the change into a Pot

When you enable this feature, change from purchases you make with your Monzo card will be rounded up into the Pot you’ve chosen. For example, if you buy something for $35.10, we’ll round it up to $36.00 and put the $0.90 into your Pot. We find this is an easy way to boost savings effortlessly...see how much you can save this way! 💰

Schedule payments into, and out of, your Pots

Want to save regularly?
You can schedule payments into Pots to take the stress out of saving and separating your money! 📆

Sharing your ideas

We think Pots have a lot of potential, and plenty of you have already shared your suggestions for amazing things we can use them to do. We’ve also seen them inspire budgeting success for many of our customers in the UK.

In fact, the idea for Pots first came about back in January 2016, when one of our early users posted to our community forum with an idea for “folders” or “buckets” where you could set aside money. It was early days at Monzo, but the idea struck a chord, and we’re pleased to be at the point where we’re putting it into practice in the US!

If you have any bright ideas of your own, share them with us on our community forum or tweet @monzousa with how you're using your Pots 💡