How Monzo helps you plan ahead

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Nasty surprises aren’t fun, especially when it comes to your money. That’s why we think you should always know what’s coming around the corner. So here are some ways to make the most out of Monzo and make sure that you’re never caught off-guard.

See tomorrow’s incomings and outgoings at the top of your feed

Image showing the feed in the Monzo app, with three upcoming payments

At the top of your Monzo feed, we show you anything that we know for certain is coming tomorrow. Or, if it’s a weekend, coming on Monday. Specifically, we show you:

  • Direct Debits

  • Direct Credits

  • Standing Orders and scheduled bank transfers

  • Overdraft fees & Monzo Loan repayments

  • Scheduled Pot withdrawals or deposits

Right now, we’ll only show you things that we’re 100% sure are happening. Subscriptions, for instance, might change price if you swap from one plan to another. We think it's really important that you know what you’re seeing is accurate.

See all your scheduled payments in one place

Head to the Payments tab in the app and tap "Scheduled payments". Here you’ll see a list of all your scheduled payments, standing orders, subscriptions, and Direct Debits.

Image showing a list of scheduled payments

Tap on a payment to see details like how often it repeats. You can add repeating payments that we haven’t picked up to this screen by selecting one in your feed and tapping on the "Repeating payment" toggle.

Know how much money you’ve got to spare

In the Summary tab, you can see how much money you’ve got left to spend this month. This is based on your current balance after all your upcoming spending is taken away.

Image showing how much money you have left to spend

So if you’ve currently got £1,000 in your account and £750 of bills and subscriptions coming up, you know that you’ve got £250 left to play with!

We hope that these tools help you to stay in control of your money by always knowing what’s coming next. We’d love to hear any other ways you think we can help you to plan ahead and not have to worry about what’s coming next. So let us know your thoughts over in our community forum!