8 Jun 2018

How do I add money to my Monzo account?

Before you can start using Monzo to spend, save and budget better, you’ll need to add some money to your account!

Make a bank transfer

If you want to move money from another bank account to Monzo, just make a bank transfer from your other account to your Monzo account.

You’ll need your Monzo account number and sort code, which you can find in the Account tab of your Monzo app.

Screen showing where you can add money to your Monzo account

Set up a standing order

To add money to your Monzo account on a regular basis, just set up a standing order from your other bank account.

You’ll need your Monzo account number and sort code to do this too!

Setting up a standing order means you don’t need to remember to add money to your account, or go through the admin of making a bank transfer each time. It can also be useful for budgeting, if you give yourself a set amount to spend and send it to your Monzo account at the start of each month.

Get your salary paid straight in

To start getting your salary paid straight into Monzo, you’ll need to share your Monzo account number and sort code with the people who pay you. Or you can also switch to Monzo through the Current Account Switch Service and move everything over, including your salary.

Using Monzo as your main account means you can use Summary to track your spending from payday to payday. We’ll help you understand how much of your money goes to committed spending, like bills, rent or mortgage payments, and how much you have left to spend everything else.

New to Monzo? Find out more about us on the blog, and head to the Simple Questions Thread on the community forum to ask us anything you like!

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