Worldwide family travel insurance by AXA

Travel stress-free with worldwide cover for you and your family, including winter sports and multiple trips. Exclusive to Monzo Premium.

AXA insurance terms and conditions

Complete peace of mind

Worldwide cover

Including the US.

For you and your family

The age limit for children is 19 years inclusive (or 21 if in full time education) at the start of a trip.

Multiple trips

You’re covered for an unlimited number of trips if each one is less than 45 consecutive days.

Winter sports

Including skiing and snowboarding, ski equipment and ski hire up to £750.

Travel disruption

Covers cancellation costs up to £5,000, costs for trips being cut short up to £5,000 and flight delays by 4 hours or more.

Medical bills up to £10 million

For medical emergencies, including practitioners’ fees, hospital expenses and medical treatment.

Lost valuables up to £750

Including luggage, personal money and documents, clothing, jewellery, laptops and tablets, and more..

£50 excess

This is the amount you’d pay if a claim you made was successful.

Trusted provider

Cover provided by AXA, who've been helping people for over 300 years.

Coronavirus and your travel insurance

When the World Health Organisation declared coronavirus a pandemic it became a ‘known event’. Which is an insurance term that affects what you can and can’t claim for.

See what's covered

Worth £141 a year

We asked a market research group to see what it would cost if you bought comparable travel insurance on its own. The results showed our insurance is worth, on average, £141 a year.

With Monzo Premium you get our worldwide travel insurance, extensive phone insurance, interest on your balance and regular Pots, and much, much more.

Making a claim

Making a claim is easy through AXA's online claims tool. Make sure you have your insurance information handy, and click below to lodge a claim. Have your policy number ready, which you can find in the app or in the confirmation email we sent you when you signed up for Monzo Premium.

General conditions

There are conditions you need to meet for the cover to apply. These are some of the main ones, but for a full list read the terms and conditions.

  • You have to be 69 years of age or younger.
  • You can’t make claims related to pre-existing medical conditions.
  • The age limit for children is 19 years inclusive (or 21 if in full time education) at the start of a trip.
  • You must take reasonable care to prevent needing to make a claim. You should act as if you don’t have cover and minimise the risk of losing valuables or an incident happening.
  • If you need to cut your trip short, you must contact AXA on +44 (0) 203 701 9629. They’re open 24/7 to give advice and help you get home.
  • You have to contact AXA right away in the event of an emergency or if you go to hospital.
  • You should contact AXA within 28 days of being aware that you need to make a claim.