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Applying for a Monzo Business account if you don’t have a personal or joint Monzo account

We’re so pleased you’d like to apply for a Monzo Business account! Here’s everything you need to know before you start if you don't already have a personal or joint account.

Before you start your application

Make sure you’ve got a few documents you’ll need to hand

Have valid photo ID (like your passport or drivers licence), proof of your business address, your registered company number or name (if you’re a limited company), and a unique tax reference number ready. That way, you won’t have to pause mid-application to search for them.

Read through our eligibility criteria

Find out which businesses and industries we can and can’t support right now here – it should only take a few minutes.

If you’re a limited company, make sure your Companies House data is correct

You can have a look at the Companies House register to make sure. It’ll make it quicker for us to verify your business.

If you’re a limited company, we’ll need to verify any people with significant control in your business.

You'll either need their identification to hand or they’ll need a personal account with us we can verify as part of your application. You can find more information on how we verify people with significant control here.

You can check who the people with significant control in your business are at Companies House.

Ready to apply?

Download the mobile app, then open it to start your application.

We’ll ask for your email, and what kind of account you’d like to apply for – that’s where you choose our Business account.

So you know, you’ll have to use the same email address and phone number for any future accounts you get with Monzo.

Started an application before? Make sure you use the same phone number and email to pick up where you left off.

Next up, we’ll ask some questions about your business

We’ll ask you questions about your business and how you plan to use the account. This will include things like the industry you work in, what your business does, countries you’re doing business with, and what your turnover is.

By giving us this information, you’ll help us verify your account as quickly as possible.

Last, you’ll need to choose between our free Lite or Pro account for £5 per month (with your first month free).

You can learn more about which would suit your needs best and what’s included in each account here.

Once you’re done, we’ll start verifying your information

This should only take a day or two, but if there’s people with significant control other than you in the business who don’t have a personal account with us, it may take longer.

We may also reach out if we’ve got questions or we need more information – keep an eye on your Monzo notifications and your emails!

If you’re approved, we’ll let you know and you can start using your shiny new Monzo Business account right away!

Switching an existing business account over to Monzo?

Switching your account over is quick and easy – here’s more information about it.

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