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Paying bills from Pots

You can pay bills (like Direct Debits and standing orders) directly from one of your Pots, instead of from your main account.

  1. Tap the Home icon in the menu bar, then scroll to the Pot you want to pay bills from
  2. Tap Pay from this Pot, then pick which payments you'd like to pay from the Pot
  3. You’ll need to set up your Direct Debit or standing order first, if you haven’t already. When your bill's due, it'll be taken from the Pot.

You can also pay online subscriptions from Pots with Monzo Plus
With Monzo Plus you can link virtual cards to a Pot and use that to pay for online subscriptions like Netflix or Spotify. To set this up, head over to a Pot you'd like to pay from and tap the "Manage" tab in the drawer, then tap "Create virtual card".

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