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28 December 2022

What’s so unique about design and research at Monzo?

Recently, one of our Senior Product Designers, Jay, spoke to a group of junior designers who wanted to learn more about Fintech. Here’s how our design and research team has found working in Fintech.

Pens and a sketchbook showing early design ideas for how withdrawing money from a Pot might work
4 November 2022

How we design magic moments at Monzo

Vuokko Aro, VP of Design talks about how Monzo designs experiences that are surprisingly magical.

eight squares each showcasing a different aspect of our new visual branding: our wordmark, our colour palette, new typefaces, warm photography, vibrant illustration
17 October 2022

We’ve had a little makeover!

Our visual branding has a fresh new look. It’s more friendly, more human, more Monzo ❤️

An illustrated image of four people standing in a variety of poses
21 June 2022

How to increase your impact as a Product Designer

Impact gets used a lot in relation to career progression here at Monzo. What does impact really mean and how do you put it in to practice

A screenshot showing part of an experiment proposal template on Notion. The headings include: What problem are we trying to solve? Why should we solve it? How should we solve it? What if this problem didn't exist?
23 May 2022

Pellets not cannonballs: How we experiment at Monzo

In Alex's first 6 months at Monzo, we ran 21 experiments. In this post, Alex explains how we design and run experiments, and how they help us improve the customer experience.

The Monzo Design team - about 15 people - sitting on some wooden steps in the office
21 January 2022

My first three months at Monzo as a Product Designer

Heldiney joined Monzo in August 2021 as a Product Designer in the Personal Banking team. Here's his early impressions!

weekly notes
25 August 2021

How to successfully run your own 'design input' sessions

Product designer Dom breaks down our Design team's secrets to running an effective 'design input' session.

25 August 2021

Why your design team should run 'design input' sessions

Discipline-wide, remote-friendly sessions where product designers, user researchers, brand designers and design directors all bring their knowledge to the table to help provide valuable feedback to work in progress.

An illustration of a life preserver ring on a blue background
11 November 2020

How we design the tools that power our award-winning customer support experience

Designing an empathetic help experience at scale is a big challenge. Here are the methods and tools we use to set ourselves up for success.

An illustration of a hand placing the final piece into a puzzle
6 November 2020

Seven things I learnt scaling research (and design) at Monzo

Samantha Davies, our Senior User Research Manager, shares some of the key lessons she's learnt in over three years in the constantly changing environment here at Monzo.

30 May 2019

Why everyone at Monzo does research

It might seem like blasphemy to other researchers, but we encourage everyone who works on the Monzo app to do their own user research.

11 February 2019

We use this tool to turn user research into insight very quickly

User research is crucial if we want to keep meeting our customers' needs. But research shouldn't stop us from building fast and shipping quickly.

11 February 2019

How we design our internal product

Our customer service team gives you fast, delightful support behind the scenes. Here's how we design the tools they use every day.

17 January 2019

How we hire product designers

What makes someone an amazing product designer?

11 December 2018

Why you should care about keeping your design files clean

Organising your design files is crucial if you want to work quickly and collaborate effectively as you grow. We’ve explained the way our system works and made our tooling open source so you can use it too!