Introducing Monzo Premium

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Introducing Monzo Premium, the banking that makes a statement, and it comes with a metal card.

Get phone insurance for phones worth up to £2000 (including VAT), and worldwide travel insurance for you and your family when they’re travelling with you. As well as interest on up to £100,000 in Personal Instant Access Savings Pots, and much, much more.

All for just £15 a month, with a 6 month minimum term. You have to be aged 18–69 to sign up for Monzo Premium.

Phone insurance by Assurant with £75 excess. Not everything is covered, to find out what is and isn’t covered please read Assurant’s Ts&Cs.

Family travel insurance by Zurich, powered by Qover with £50 excess. By “family”, Zurich means partners and dependent children up to 19 years old (or 21 if in full time education). They’re only covered if they’re travelling with you. Not everything is covered, to find out what is and isn’t covered please read Zurich’s Ts&Cs.

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Say hello to metal

Your Monzo Premium card is made from a single 16g sheet of steel, complete with a precision-engraved logo and a white finish. With your details kept neatly on the back for a minimal design. It’s available right now, and it’s exclusive to Monzo Premium.

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Phone insurance, from Assurant

Worth an average of £96.58 a year. More on this below.

We’ve all been there, right? That heart-in-your-mouth moment where you reach down to flip over the phone you dropped to the concrete. It’s a feeling we’d all rather avoid, and knowing your phone’s insured can really put your mind at ease.

With Monzo Premium, phones worth up to £2,000 (including VAT) are protected against theft, loss and accidental damage – even the dreaded cracked screen.

Any accessories under £300 are covered too, like headphones, chargers or cases. If you had to make a claim, you’d pay the first £75 – this is what’s called the excess.

Read the Assurant terms and conditions for exclusions and full details. There’s also the Assurant Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) for a summary of the benefits, exclusions and other important information.

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Worldwide family travel insurance, from Zurich, powered by Qover

Worth an average of £143 a year. More on this below.

We could all do with some added comfort and security when it comes to travel plans right now. With Monzo Premium, you get travel insurance provided by Zurich, powered by Qover that covers you and your family anywhere in the world.

It covers emergency medical bills up to £10 million, lost valuables up to £750, and cancellation costs up to £5,000. As well as flight delays of more than 4 hours and winter sports, including skiing and snowboarding.

And if you had to make a claim, you’d pay the first £50 – again, that’s the excess.

As with any insurance policy, you should have a good look at the terms and conditions and the Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) to make sure Monzo Premium and its Zurich cover are right for you.

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Earn 4.60% AER (variable) interest on up to £100,000

You'll earn interest on up to £100,000 in Personal Instant Access Savings Pots. We’ll pay the interest you earn with Premium into your Instant Access Savings Pot, monthly.

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£600 fee-free cash abroad every 30 days

You can withdraw cash fee-free in the EEA (European Economic Area). Outside of the EEA, you can take out triple the amount of fee-free cash that you can take out with our original Monzo account. And £200 more than you get with Monzo Plus. Perfect for travel.

You can take out more than £600 in a 30-day period, but we’ll charge 3% on however much you withdraw after that.

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All this and more

Here’s what else you get, on top of the features we just told you about.

🍸 Discounted airport lounge access, from LoungeKey – Access for you and whoever you’re travelling with to airport lounges worldwide, at £24 per person, per visit.

🔗 See your Amex and other bank accounts, in Monzo – Get a clear view of your finances by adding your other bank accounts and credit cards to Monzo. See your balances and transactions, and move money around with easy bank transfers. Make sure to read the terms and conditions before you add an account.

👀 Credit Tracker – See your TransUnion credit score and track how it changes each month. With helpful information about what a credit score is and how to improve yours.

💸 Custom spending categories – Create your own categories to break down your spending, your way. Plus, divide single payments into multiple categories, like separating your supermarket purchase into food and wine.

💳 Virtual cards – We’re all spending more online these days, so it’s important to protect yourself. Have up to 5 live virtual cards to keep your physical card details safe by using virtual cards for online payments. The money you spend comes from your balance, just like with your physical Monzo card. It's especially handy for managing online subscriptions.

🛍 Offers – From brands we think you'll love. Like 15% off Patch plant and plant pot orders over £50. As well as 25% off a Fiit home workout membership. These may change over time, and again – make sure to read the terms and conditions before claiming an offer.

🧾 Auto-export transactions – If you want us to, we'll add your transactions to a single Google Sheet as they happen, so you can get to know your money better. You can then add your own tables and graphs. And if you change your mind, you can turn auto-export off whenever you like. 

💰 Advanced roundups – Put 2, 5 or 10 times as much spare change aside every time you spend to reach your savings goals faster. Whatever you buy, we round up the payment to the nearest pound and put the spare change in a Pot. With advanced roundups, we times the spare change by 2, 5 or 10.

🏦 5 free cash deposits a month – Pay in cash 5 times a month, for free. Just go to one of the 27,000 PayPoints across the UK to pay your money in. If you pay in cash more than 5 times a month, we’ll take our normal £1 fee from the money you pay in.

Plus, everything you get with our free account

You get all of this, as well as everything you get with our free, original Monzo account.

Things like fee-free UK bank transfers, Pots for separating your money, instant spending notifications, customer support when you need it and more. And protection for your money, as your eligible deposits in Monzo are protected by The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to a value of £85,000 per person.

Get Monzo Premium today

You need to be aged 18 to 69 and have the latest version of Monzo on your phone to sign up for Monzo Premium. Anyone who has a Monzo or Monzo Plus account can upgrade to Monzo Premium in minutes, if you’re eligible. Take a look at the terms and conditions for full details.

And if you’re completely new to Monzo, download the app here.