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Everything you need to know about our holographic debit card

Monzo Plus puts money in your hands. It's a bank account we've designed to help you get a grip on your finances and stretch pennies into pounds.

Our blue holographic card is exclusive to Monzo Plus, and it's our boldest card yet.

Here's everything you need to know about it – including how to get one 😉

We print a blue gradient onto a holographic layer

Rainbow holographic foil is bonded to the card's plastic core to create a shiny, reflective finish.

Then, we print a blue gradient straight onto the holographic foil. The gradient uses two shades of blue: lagoon blue and midnight sky.

We spray adhesive plastic around the edge of each card to create a highly durable seam.

And you'll see our Monzo logo in hot stamped foil

Next, we hot stamp the Monzo logo straight onto the blue gradient.

Hot stamping is a printing method that uses high temperatures to transfer foils onto surfaces. A cutter shaped like the Monzo logo presses the foil onto the holographic layer underneath.

Your card details are thermally printed on the back

Turn your holographic card over to find your name and all your card details, thermally printed on the back. You'll see your 16-digit card number, CVC code, and the expiry date.

And if you invested in Monzo through one of our crowdfunding rounds, we'll add the investor label here too.

Having everything on the back makes for a minimal look. And you can show off your holographic card without accidentally sharing your bank details!

It comes in completely recyclable packaging

Your Monzo Plus holographic debit card arrives in paper that's completely recyclable and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Each card is packaged by hand

Our Monzo Plus cards are made by our manufacturers in Vitre, a small town in Brittany, France.

Each card is printed then packaged by hand. And once you sign up to Monzo Plus, it can take less than an hour for us to print your new debit card and have it on its way in the mail.

We send you your Monzo Plus card by first class delivery 💨

A holographic card, and more

Monzo Plus comes with a holographic debit card and much, much more.

Get a grip on your finances with your other bank accounts, credit cards and your credit score all visible in Monzo.

Personalise your spending breakdown by putting payments into custom categories. Protect yourself online with virtual cards and even auto-export transaction details to a spreadsheet if you want to.

Stretch pennies into pounds with 1.00% AER/Gross (variable) interest on money in your balance and regular Pots up to £2,000, which we pay monthly. Save on fees with £400 fee-free cash withdrawals abroad for when you can go away again, and pay cash into your account for free once a month.

Treat yourself with 15% off Patch Plants orders over £50, 25% off FiiT home workout membership and more.

Get Monzo Plus for £5 a month with a three month minimum term, if you're over 18 and open a Monzo account.