Ways to pay with Monzo Flex: in-store, online or up to two weeks later

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A quick recap on Monzo Flex

  • If eligible, choose a limit up to £3,000.

  • A better way to pay later for pretty much anything.

  • Pay in 3 instalments at 0% interest, or over up to 24 monthly payments at 29% APR Representative (variable).

  • Choose when you flex: in real-time, whether you’re shopping online or in person, or on purchases you made in the last two weeks.

  • More money than you thought? You can pay off a little extra or early and save yourself some interest.

Monzo Flex is credit for eligible 18+ year olds. Ts&Cs apply.

Carefully consider the cost of using credit for purchases. Not keeping up with payments may negatively impact your credit score and you may no longer benefit from an interest-free rate on the plans you’re behind on.

Ways to pay using Monzo Flex

We’ve now given all existing and new Flex customers another way to flex the cost of purchases. Giving you more choice with the virtual Flex card!

Representative example: 29% APR representative (variable). £1200 credit limit. 29% yearly interest (variable).

Flex at checkout with your Flex card

Flex gives you a virtual card and a physical card, so you can get more time to pay when you're shopping online or in person.

Just tap to pay with your virtual card using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

You can spread the cost pretty much anywhere that accepts contactless or you can use the Flex card details to shop online.

When you choose your instalment plan, we’ll show you how much each instalment will be and when we'll take it from your Monzo Current Account.

The same purchase and refund protection as a credit card🔒

When you pay for something with your virtual Flex card, you may also be covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Giving you peace of mind when you’re using Monzo Flex for bigger purchases.

Section 75 only applies to transactions made with your virtual Flex card. Under Section 75, the credit provider (that’s us in this case) and the retailer or supplier are jointly responsible if something goes wrong.

You might be able to get a refund if the goods or services you’ve bought are between £100 and £30,000 and any of the below:

  • Faulty

  • Not delivered

  • Not fit for purpose, of satisfactory quality or as described

  • The company you’ve bought from goes out of business before you get your goods or services

  • The description of the goods or services doesn’t represent what you actually received

We’ve gone into more detail about Section 75 and how to make a claim on our Flex help articles.

Flex - Making a flex

Flex later

You can also turn back the clock and flex an existing Monzo transaction from the last two weeks, simply by tapping the transaction and choosing to flex it.

See if you're eligible with no impact to your credit score

If you decide to get Flex, we'll let credit reference agencies know by running a hard search. 

Generally, a hard search will have a small negative impact on your credit file but usually only for a few months.

In the long run, Flex can help to build your credit score if you use it responsibly and make your payments on time.

Want to know more? Head to our webpage to learn about Flex.