How to open a UK bank account if you're an international student without proof of address

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If you’re coming to the UK to study – welcome! 

When you try to open a current account in the UK, most banks will ask you for proof of address. That’s usually a utility bill (for your phone, water, council tax or electricity, for example).

But if you’ve just moved to the UK, it’s likely you won’t have any of these documents yet. You might not even have a permanent place to live yet! And, ironically, you usually need a bank account to get your bills set up in the first place. 

Luckily, you can get a bank account with Monzo, even if you don’t have proof of address. 

So you can get all your bills set up, pay for stuff with your debit card, and get all your life admin out of the way so you can start your new life in the UK! 

How to get a bank account without proof of address 

When you open a bank account with Monzo, we don’t ask you for proof of address because we verify your date of birth instead.

What do I need? 

To open an account, you just need:

  1. Your phone 

  2. A valid ID – we’ll accept your: passport, driving licence (your provisional is fine), national ID card, biometric residence permit, Electoral Identity Card issued by the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland 

  3. An address in the UK where we can send your card

  4. And about 10 minutes to sign up! 

How do I start? 

To get started, just download the Monzo app! You can sign up in minutes, straight from your phone. 

You can start spending immediately by adding your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay. And we’ll send the card to the address you gave us and it’ll arrive in a couple of days.