The Next Step: Current Accounts!

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It’s always been our mission to build the world’s best current account – one that’s made for your smartphone and gives you complete control over your money.

Back in July, we launched the Current Account Preview, and took an important step towards achieving that mission. Since then, we’ve tested it with more than 18,000 users who have helped us make sure everything’s working as expected. We’re really pleased with how the preview’s gone, and we’ve learnt a lot about what it takes to run a current account day-to-day.

Now, we’re excited to say that we’re ready to make the next steps towards bringing current accounts to everyone!

Over the next eight weeks we’re going to invite all existing Monzo users to upgrade to a current account, after which we’ll open signups to totally new users.

To help us do that, we’ll be closing new signups to the prepaid Monzo Mastercard® Debit card this week. We’ll then start inviting existing Monzo users to upgrade from prepaid cards to full current accounts.

When you upgrade, you’ll be able to transfer your balance, account information, and any other data associated with your prepaid account to your new current account. You’ll get a hot coral Monzo debit card, an account number and sort code, and will be able to have your salary paid in, set up direct debits, standing orders and any other bill payments. You can put Monzo at the heart of your financial life.

Because this means different things for different people, we’ve broken it down to help you quickly find out what it means for you.

I’m an existing Monzo user with a Monzo card 💳

Over the coming weeks we’ll get in touch through the app and invite you to upgrade to a current account. Once you agree to new terms and conditions, you’ll be able to order a debit card which, once activated, will seamlessly move your data and balance from your prepaid card to your current account. It'll be super easy!

I’m an existing Monzo user on the Current Account Preview 👀

Thanks for all your help with testing! Over the coming weeks we’ll get in touch through the app to ask you to migrate your prepaid account. With a few taps, you’ll be able to transfer your balance and information over to your current account. In the meantime, we will continue to add more features to the current account like Monzo-to-Monzo payments and 24/7 customer support so it’s got all the stuff from prepaid and more.

I’m a crowdfunding investor from earlier this year 💰

If you invested in our recent round this year, as we promised, you’ll get priority access to the current account.

You might already have one as part of the preview, in which case we’ll be in touch through the app to ask you to close your prepaid account, and help you transfer your balance and data over to your new current account. We’ll also continue to improve current accounts by adding P2P payments and 24/7 customer support.

If you’re still just using the prepaid card, you’ll be in the first group we invite to open a current account in the coming weeks.

I’m already on the waiting list ⏱️

If you’ve already signed up and have been waiting to join the prepaid scheme, thanks for your patience! You will still be able to get a prepaid card, and we’ll continue to roll out prepaid accounts to everyone who has already signed up.

A friend has sent me a golden ticket 🎫

If you’ve been invited to join Monzo by a friend, welcome! You’ll still be able to redeem your golden ticket for a limited time, but use it quickly! 🏃💨

I have a golden ticket and want to invite a friend 👯

For the moment, we’ve turned off existing golden tickets and stopped sending out new ones. If you’re an existing user you can still invite your friends through the app, but they’ll join the waiting list for current accounts, instead of the prepaid card.

Keep an eye out because golden tickets will be making a comeback in the current account!

I’m an existing Monzo user and I want to invite a friend 🙇‍

Thanks! We’re glad you want to spread the word.

You can invite your friend to join Monzo through the app, but they’ll join a waiting list for current accounts instead of the prepaid card. It might be a little while until they can use Monzo, but when they do, they’ll go straight to a full current account.

I’ve never used Monzo but I want to start! 💁

If you want to use Monzo but haven’t before, you’ll be able to join a waiting list for current accounts, instead of one for the prepaid card. Just download the Monzo app.

A current account comes with a sort code, account number and debit card, and means you’ll be able to set up standing orders, direct debits and have your salary paid in.

We’ll start by inviting all our existing users to upgrade from the prepaid card to current accounts. Once that’s done towards the end of this year, new users will be next in line to open current accounts.

We hope this helps give a clear idea of what the next few months will look like, as we work to bring current accounts to everyone.

Our public beta launched in March last year, and we never could have anticipated that nearly 450,000 people would be using our hot coral prepaid cards.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped us so far. We’re excited about what’s next!

If you have any questions, please connect with us on Twitter or ask us in the dedicated forum discussion.

We’d like to ask that you please try not to contact customer support with questions that are already answered here. We won’t be able to help you get an account sooner, and it will reduce the amount of time we can spend dealing with urgent issues.