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Goodbye Mondo, Hello M…


As we mentioned during our recent Crowdcube campaign, our trade mark, “Mondo”, has been legally challenged by an undisclosed company with a similar name. This situation means we need to decide a new name for ourselves!

It can be painful to change the name of a product, but – being the optimists we are – we think this is a great opportunity to come up with something even better. Our commitment to transparency means we’d love your help finding something that will represent us from now on.

We have set three rules to narrow down our search:

  1. The name should start with the letter “M” (we really love our logo!)

  2. The name should represent us and work across different languages and cultures

  3. It can’t be Banky McBankface

We’ll be accepting name suggestions until midnight tomorrow, Tuesday 14th June. From there, we’ll go through the whole list, as well as our internal ideas, and narrow it down to find a name that we love. As soon as we’re ready, we’ll share our choice with you and go all in on “M…”

We’re also working on a special thank you for the person who suggests our new name, in addition (of course) to the lifelong bragging rights of being able to tell everyone, “I named that bank!”

Come up with a great “M” name yet?

We recently updated our name to Monzo! Read more about it here.