Here at Mondo HQ, we’re building the kind of bank we wish existed. A few weeks ago, we received our first batch of debit cards, and we’ve been rapidly developing and testing our prototype banking app.

We are keen to create this bank with our customers, so while it’s still early days, we’ve got the first 5 debit cards to give out for testing. It’s a chance to get a sneak preview of early features and to help create the kind of bank you’d like to use.

It’s a chance to Get Mondo!

The Mondo app

What do I get?

We’ll give you access to the Mondo iPhone app plus a MasterCard Pre-paid Debit Card. You’ll be able to load money onto the card every month and spend it in shops, at ATMs, and online—receiving real-time feedback on your spending.

We’ll push out developer builds every day or two, so you’ll have immediate access to all of the latest features before anyone else.

And what do you want from me?

First of all, we want to hear your thoughts and feedback. Does it make your life easier? What’s missing?. You should expect to encounter various bugs and snags—this is a very early preview and your feedback will help us improve.

The 5 volunteers will be happy depositing at least £500/month and using the card daily for their everyday expenses, like coffee, food, transport, nights out. It won’t replace your bank account (yet!), but you can use it as an every-day money card.

You’ll also need an iPhone 5 or 6 to get the most out of the app.

Wait, I thought you said you’re not a bank yet?

We’re not. We’re currently applying to the Bank of England for our banking licence. The card you’ll use is a prepaid debit card, and all funds will be held by a regulated financial institution for the duration of the trial.

I’m in. What do I need to do?

Great. First of all, register for the beta at Then get onto Twitter and send us a Tweet @monzo with the hashtag #iwantmondo, explaining why you should be one of the lucky five!

When are you giving out more cards?

Don’t worry, there will be a lots of opportunities to get involved with testing and iteration between now and our launch as a bank. We’ve got lots in store and we’ll definitely need your help to create the best digital current account in the world. sign up at and you’ll be on the list.

We recently updated our name to Monzo! Read more about it here.

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