Money Worries

We're here to make money work for everyone. If it's causing you worry, or you find yourself in financial difficulties we're here to help.

Coronavirus support

If you’re worried about your money because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we’re ready to help. You can use the advice on this page, but there's additional information here.

What are the most common reasons for being in debt?

The most common reasons people get into debt are reduction in income, unemployment or redundancy, and injury or illness.

Who is affected by problem debt?

  • Over half of people affected are 25-39 years old
  • More than half of people affected are female
  • Couples with children are as likely to be affected as single people with children
  • Over 80% of people affected are renters
  • Over 40% of people affected have an additional vulnerability in addition to financial difficulty

*Information taken from StepChange Debt Statistics Yearbook 2019

What kinds of problem debt do people have?

  • Credit Card debt is the most common form of problem debt, with over 2/3rds of people in problem debt having one
  • A third of people with problem debt owe money to family or friends
  • Almost a third of people with problem debt have a negative monthly budget
  • Over 40% of people in debt are in arrears for at least one household bill

*Information taken from StepChange Debt Statistics Yearbook 2019

What can Monzo do to help?

We understand that life doesn't always go to plan. If you're worried about paying money back or you've missed a payment, we'll do our best to support you. We have a range of options depending on your circumstances, see below for more information.

Breathing Space

Sometimes you just need a little time to get things in order, or to get some advice. Talk to us about pausing messages for a while to let you do that.

Promise to Pay

If you need some extra days to make your payment, we can agree a date that suits you better.

Repayment Plans

In some circumstances, the best thing might be to set up a repayment plan. We have a range of options available, personalised to you.

How to get in touch

The best way to get in touch with us is via in-app chat. You can also email us ( or phone us (0800 802 1281) to discuss your circumstances with a financial difficulties specialist and find out how we can support you.

Money worries & mental health

We understand that mental health and money problems are often linked and our team have this in mind when discussing financial difficulties. If you do need some more support there are charities and organisations who can offer help. The NHS, Mind and Money advice service are all sources of support if you're struggling.

Where else can I get help?

Charities and organisations who can offer advice, help and support if you're in financial difficulties.

Who?What can they do?How do I contact them?
Money Advice ServiceMoney Advice Service provide free money guidance and debt advice online and by telephone.Web: Phone: 0800 138 7777.
StepChangeStep Change Debt Charity offer free to client independent debt advice. They cover various debt scenarios from development of repayment arrangements to insolvency.Web: Phone: 0800 1381111. Email:
TullyTully is a digital debt advice company that offers free advice to customers.Web:
National DebtlineNational Debtline offer free and independent advice through telephone and online advice services. Website includes fact sheets on bankruptcy, IVA, DROs etc.Web: Phone: 0808 808 4000.
Business DebtlineBusiness Debtline are part of National Debtline, and are the only organisation that offers advice to business owners.Web: Phone: 0800 197 6026.
Citizens Advice BureauCitizens Advice Bureau provide free, confidential information and advice to assist people with financial, legal and other issues that may arise.Web: Phone: 03444 111 444.
PayPlanPayplan offer free debt solutions including IVAs, Trust Deeds, free Debt Management Plans and help with bankruptcy.Web: Phone: 0800 280 2816.
Turn2UsTurn2Us provide advice on many issues, and have an online benefit calculator.Web: