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My Direct Debit failed

There are a couple of common reasons a Direct Debit can fail. In both instances you should get in touch with the merchant to make sure the Direct Debit is properly set up.

If there wasn’t enough money in your account

If you don’t have enough money in your account when the Direct Debit is scheduled to go out, it’ll fail. If that happens, we will retry the Direct Debit. If the company collecting the Direct Debit is unable to charge your account they will usually get in touch with you directly to collect the money within a couple of days.

If the other company didn’t give us your Direct Debit instruction

Sometimes, a company won’t send us the ‘mandate’ that shows you’ve given them permission to collect money from your account. Or they might try to collect the money before they’ve sent the mandate through. In either case, the Direct Debit will fail.

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