How we can support you if someone with a Monzo account dies

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Making financial arrangements on behalf of a loved one who’s died can feel overwhelming. 

Our bereavement specialists are here to support you and make closing the Monzo account of someone who’s died as simple as possible.

Start by letting us know what’s happened

To let us know someone with a Monzo account has died, you can get in touch by emailing us on [email protected].

To help us find their account, we’ll ask you to give us some information. This could be:

  • The person's account number

  • Their phone number

  • The email address connected to their account.

Once we’ve identified the account, we’ll ask you for a scanned copy or clear photograph of their death certificate.

We understand that death certificates vary across the UK and abroad. We accept most formal records, and can let you know what documentation we accept when you reach out.

We’ll help you close their Monzo account and transfer any money to their next of kin

Once we have a death certificate, we can transfer any money left in the account back to the person’s next of kin.

Anyone can notify us of a bereavement, but we can only return the money to their next of kin.

Next of kin can be:

  • A family member

  • Partner

  • Solicitor acting on behalf of the person who’s died 

If their account balance is below £5,000, we’ll need you (the next of kin) to show us a form of ID, and give us details of the bank account you’d like us to return the outstanding money to.

If their account balance is more than £5,000, we’ll need a copy of a will or probate before we can release the money. We can help you understand how to get the right probate documents if you’re not sure how.

After we get this information, it normally takes us 5 working days to return the money to the account you’ve asked us to. 

If they had any Savings Pots, we can close them too and send the money to their next of kin

We’ll also close any Savings Pots they opened with one of our partner banks through Monzo. And we’ll send any money in them back to their next of kin in the same way.

Once that’s done, we can close their bank account.

You can follow the same process for business and joint accounts too 

You can also tell us that someone with a  business or joint account with Monzo has died in exactly the same way.

We'll close the joint account if one person on the account has died

If you’re the other person on the joint account, we’ll reach out to let you know we plan to do this. You’ll have a month to move any money into a personal account, and switch over any Direct Debits or standing orders.

If the person who’s died was a crowdfunding investor, you’ll need to contact Crowdcube to discuss their shares in Monzo.

If they had outstanding loans and overdrafts 

If they had any outstanding debts or an overdraft with Monzo, our bereavements specialists will be able to discuss what options are available with you.

We can help you find financial and emotional support 

Our bereavements specialists can also point you to support from a range of charities, depending on your circumstances. 

We often signpost to Cruse a bereavements charity specialising in advice, support, and information for people across the UK.

We’re really sorry for your loss, and we’re here to do what we can to support you.

For any questions about bereavements, please contact us via email, on the phone, or through the Monzo app if you’re a customer.