Save £2 every time the temperature goes below 10°C with the Winter Savings Challenge ❄️

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The days are short, there's frost on the ground and the sky always seems to be grey. Is it just us or does it feel like Winter is never going to end? ❄️

We’ve created a Winter Savings Challenge for you to take on! Whether you’re saving for a summer holiday, saving for a warm coat you’ve had your eye on in the sales or setting money aside just in case, this challenge will help you save little and often.

How it works

Whenever the temperature falls below 10 degrees in your area, you can automatically save £2 into a Pot of your choice.

You can even change the amount you want to save if you like!

Whenever the weather in the location you’ve chosen goes below the number you’ve set, we’ll move your money into a Pot automatically.

How to start the Winter Savings Challenge with Monzo

If you use Monzo, you can do it automatically with help from IFTTT, an automation platform that lets you do cool things with your Monzo account. 

Here’s how to start:

  1. Head to the Winter Savings Challenge on IFTTT and tap ‘Get Started’

  2. You’ll need to log into Monzo and agree to some terms

  3. Next, choose which pot you’d like to put your savings in (or go to your Monzo app to make a new one)

  4. Tap ‘Save’ to get started!

  5. You can rename your pot to ‘Winter Savings Challenge’ or whatever you’re saving for

We’ll automatically move the money into the Pot you choose when the temperature goes below 10 degrees Celsius! Or, if you'd rather pick your own custom temperature, try this recipe instead.

If you don’t already have Monzo, download Monzo to start saving for the things that matter. 💰