16 May 2019

Could eating less meat help you cut your costs?

Cutting down on meat saved British people more than £2.8 billion last year according to a recent survey. Researchers found that 26% of people in the UK had reduced their meat intake in the last 12 months, saving an average of £209 each.

Meat-eaters in the UK eat meat five days a week on average. And during a typical year they’ll spend £752 on meat.

As part of National Vegetarian Week 2019, we asked you on twitter if cutting down on meat was good for your bank balance.

People do save money by going vegan or veggie

Cutting out meat can reduce the cost of your weekly shop. Why not try putting the extra money in a pot and saving towards something else instead?

But veggie alternatives can be expensive

Be warned that some veggie and vegan alternatives can be just as expensive (and sometimes more!) than meat.

You don’t need to cut out meat entirely to save money

You can start by cutting out meat during the week and treating yourself on the weekend!

Got tips on how to eat less meat and save money?

Read the full thread on twitter and share your tips too 👇

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