​​Do you donate? You explain how you give to charity

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People in the UK gave more than £10 billion to charity last year, and 65% of people give money to charity through donations or sponsorship. But according to the Charities Aid Foundation, that number’s been falling for the last three years.

What do you think about giving?

We asked you whether you give money to charity. And if you do, which ones you support. Here’s what you told us.

You give to local causes

They say charity begins at home!

You sponsor friends and family (or fundraise yourselves)

It’s no surprise that sponsorship increases over summer, when all the marathon runners and sponsored swimmers get going.

You care about the animals!

Along with charities that support children, animal welfare was the most popular cause people in the UK supported in 2018. From endangered animals to dogs and even frogs, you told us you give to animal charities.

You fund medical research and care

Medical research, hospitals or hospices were two more of the most popular causes to support in 2018. You also told us that supporting scientific research or helping people get medical help was important to you.

And you want to help people in poverty

You support LGBTQA+ charities


Some of you donate to a few different causes

Lots of you have multiple charities you want to support.

You’ve found creative ways to donate

Finding extra cash to donate isn’t always easy. But you’ve come up with some clever ways to find room in your budgets to give.

And some of you donate your time instead

Giving back doesn’t just mean giving money!

What do you think about giving? Do you donate to charity? Tell us what you think in the community. Especially if you’ve come up with a creative way to set money aside for donations!