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Monzo Monthly Update: April, 2019

We launched ISAs

Just in time for the end of the tax year, we’ve brought ISAs to everyone. We’ve worked with another bank called OakNorth to help you earn 1.14% interest in an easy access, flexible cash ISA that you can open and manage straight from your Monzo app.

Find out more here.

Screenshot of choosing an account type

We helped you see where you’ve spent on Android

If you use Monzo on Android, you can now see all the places you’ve spent in the world! We hope it’ll be helpful when you’re trying to remember that amazing restaurant you loved, or daydreaming about holidays gone by.

Just head to the Account tab in your app, go to your Profile and tap the map!

Now on Android (iOS coming soon...) 📲

Monzo (@monzo)
March 18, 2019

We let you pick your own images for Pots on iOS

To get started, just create a new Pot and choose any image from your phone’s camera roll! Or you can edit the image on an existing Pot too.

some of you are taking it too far

Posted by Monzo Money Tips on Monday, 18 March 2019

We redesigned the Payments tab

To make it easier to choose how you get paid or pay someone else, we’ve redesigned the Payments tab.

Now, when you tap to pay someone you have the option to pay them by bank transfer, through a link, or in a few taps if they’re already on Monzo 😉

New payments tab

Coming soon

We’ll bring you more ways to grow your savings

We’ll be working with OakNorth and other banks to give you more options to grow your savings, and earn higher interest rates if you lock your money away for longer. Stay tuned for updates!

We’ll help you donate to charity through Monzo

We’re working on a feature that’ll help you set money aside and donate it to causes you care about, straight from the Monzo app.

We’re working on giving you the option to buy add-ons for your account

From travel insurance to different coloured debit cards, we’ve been exploring what else you might want from your Monzo account, and how we can help you get those features when you need them.

You can read about some of our early tests on the community forum, and share your feedback with us too! We’ll keep testing over the next few weeks and share updates with you soon.

We’ve been sharing updates about our progress every month, but we’re going to try giving them at the start and end of every quarter (or every three months) instead. We think this’ll mean bigger, more detailed updates and let us share our longer-term thinking with you too (a bit like we did here).

But don’t worry! We’ll keep live updates and monthly summaries coming on the @MakingMonzo Twitter.

Let us know what you think and if this works for you!

Interested in upcoming features? Keep track of them on the Making Monzo roadmap:

View the in-app roadmap

Or check it out online here!