18 Mar 2019

You can now add your own images to Pots, and you've been taking full advantage

Last week we added the ability to pick your own images for your Pots on iOS, and you’ve been taking full advantage of the new feature.

You’ve been preparing in this time of political uncertainty


Or being sensible and setting money aside for essentials

Can you pay my bills?

You’re reminding yourselves of your goals

So inspirational.

And why saving is so important


A few of you just needed some tough love

Whatever works I guess.

At least you’ve got your priorities straight


Add your own images to your Pots on iOS

To get started, just open your Monzo app and head to the Account tab to see your Pots.

Tap on the Pot, tap ‘Edit Pot’, then tap the image you want to change. Then just choose any image from your phone’s camera roll!

We’ll be bringing this feature to Android in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for updates!

Interested in upcoming features? Keep track of them on the Making Monzo roadmap:

View the in-app roadmap

Or check it out online here!

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