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The Year in Monzo 2018

We launched Year in Monzo last week, and hundreds of thousands of you saw and shared how you spent in 2018.

We loved your tweets about the surprising things you discovered (we’ve compiled our favourites here. And we hope you found your summaries interesting!

We thought we’d share what Year in Monzo looked like for all our customers.

🥪 We can’t seem to kick our Pret addictions – we went to Pret A Manger 3,640,358 times last year!

🍔 Our McDonald’s habits were almost as extreme, with 3,247,862 transactions in total.

☕ Starbucks, Costa and Caffe Nero were among our most-visited places. We buy most of our coffees in the morning, between 8-9am. Then at 12-1pm for our afternoon caffeine fix.

🍗 Greggs, Subway and KFC are also firm favourites. Although there was a dip in transactions during February’s infamous chicken shortage!

🥡 Deliveroo was our favourite place for takeaway, with 720,963 orders last year.

That’s entertainment

📺 It looks like staying in really is the new going out. Lots of our entertainment transactions were for subscription services like Netflix and Spotify, or the likes of iTunes and Google Play.

📽️ We went to the cinema lots in 2018 too. Vue were our favourite cinemas, and we went 148,891 times last year.

Treat yourself

📦 It’ll come as no surprise that Amazon’s at the top of our shopping list, with 2,551,541 purchases last year.

🛍️ M&S is popular too, with 2,424,937 transactions

✉️ Purchases at card stores like Paperchase and Card Factory peaked a few days before Christmas and spiked before Valentine’s Day, with sales up close to 250%!

Everyday essentials

🛒 Tesco is our favourite supermarket with 10,871,060 transactions.

👛 We also bought lots of our groceries on a budget. We loved Asda, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl and Poundland, and shopped there 4,992,263 times!