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Customer service can be a tough job, and it doesn’t always have the best reputation. People often work long shifts at unsociable hours, dealing with customers who are frustrated and angry. As a customer, it’s also annoying when the person you’re speaking to doesn’t seem motivated, or simply can’t help.

At Monzo, we’re doing things differently. We want to give everyone that uses Monzo the best service in the world. And we’re doing that by hiring amazing people, and giving them the power to solve your problems.

That's why we're hiring new people to join us in Cardiff, and remotely in the mornings, evenings or weekends.

Apply today and read on to find out more about working at Monzo!

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Our Customer Operations team give our customers amazing support

Our Customer Operations team (we call them ‘COps’ for short) are a crucial link between Monzo and our users. They help people manage their money, solve their problems, and listen to their feedback on our features. All while staying true to the Monzo tone of voice you’re used to.

But it’s not just not about solving problems. Every single COp has the power to delight our users and change the way they think about banking too. Whether that’s sending out Monzo t-shirts in the post, or sharing a recommendation for a great restaurant, we encourage everyone to go above and beyond.

And we’re growing!

Thousands of new people sign up to Monzo every day. And as our user base grows from a million to more, we need to grow our COps team too. According to our current forecasts, we want to find more than 60 amazing new people to join the team before the end of the year!

Here are a few things you might not know about working in the customer support team at Monzo. If you like what you see, come and join us!

1. It’s super flexible

We have customers all over the world, and we’re available to help them out 24/7/365. That means COps work at all times of the day and night, depending on what suits their lifestyles and our customers’ needs.

You can apply for full or part-time positions, with shifts for early mornings, evenings, daytime, weekdays and weekends. Our COps team has quite a few actors, parents, students, musicians, and artists, who find that this flexible setup really works for them.

2. You’ll stay close to the team, even if you work remotely

COps work all across the UK and around the world! And even though they’re not regular faces around the office, they’re all a core part of the Monzo team. Over the years we’ve grown a really strong and supportive community of COps that work remotely.

We use Slack as our main communication tool, and we have more Slack channels than employees!

We also have teams that are entirely remote and very close-knit. People in these teams have regular 1:1s (through Google Hangouts), stay updated with the team’s progress through Slack, and have the same opportunities to progress within the company. We even organised a week where people who work remotely all came to London to work in the office and catch up with everyone else!

Simon B, COps Community Specialist

Photo of Simon

“Outside of Monzo I’m a musician, YouTuber, and writer for music websites. Doing this takes me all over the world, so being able to work remotely is a dream come true. I recently spent six weeks in LA and I was able to keep working without skipping a beat.

“We’ll jump into meetings and it literally doesn’t matter where you are – all the information you need to do your job is available via tools like Confluence and Slack!

“Some of the people I work closest with are based in other continents, and others are closer to home."

3. There are great opportunities to progress

Being a COp is about delighting our users while solving their problems. But it’s also an opportunity to develop and progress yourself. As a fast-growing company, there are lots of opportunities at Monzo to learn new skills and advance in your career.

We’ve just launched ‘COp badges’: a new system for training COps to deal with more complex queries in specialist areas like complaints, fraud, vulnerable customers, financial difficulties and more.

Over time, you’ll be able to earn a number of badges in different areas, or specialise in one area and become a total expert. You might even choose a leadership route, and become a ‘Squad Captain’ who manages and leads a small team of COps.

We’ve also got an internal job board of roles from all across the company, which anyone internally can apply for. Previous COps have gone on to work in other areas of the business, like Design and Product.

Ali, Payment Badge COp

Photo of Ali

“I joined Monzo as a COp in October last year, and I’ve loved being exposed to all the different areas of the business. I’ve spent some time helping out the financial crime team, and I’ve also had the chance to get involved with calls and social media.

“I recently spent a month training in payments, to gain much deeper knowledge in this area and earn what we call a payments ‘badge’. I’ve got to work really closely with our payments analysts, and I now help manage more complex payment-related queries, and write payment-specific content to help other COps learn too.”

Hind, Operations Support Analyst

Photo of Hind

“I was a pharmacist before I joined Monzo a year and a half ago. It was a big career change, and although I was excited, I worried that my lack of business and customer operations experience would hinder me in some way.

“But the people who started with me had such amazingly diverse backgrounds (from ex-consultants to recent graduates) and our training assumed no prior knowledge, so I didn’t feel left behind at all.

“As we hired more COps, we needed people to manage them. And over the course of 11 months I managed various teams as a ‘squad captain’. I can’t think of anywhere else I could have gotten such valuable management experience at the ripe old age of 22!

“I was looking for my next challenge, and an opportunity in a newly-formed Operations Support team opened up. I’ve been in this role for the last month, tackling different problems within the Operations team. What a journey it’s been!”

4. Our application process is quick

If you’re interested in joining the team, our application process has three steps:

  1. Apply online, sending us your CV and answering a few questions

  2. Complete a practical task at home. For example: drafting an example response to a question about Monzo

  3. Come in for a couple of hours of interviews in our London or Cardiff office

Although we ask for your CV, we care more about your answers to our questions than your past experience. Doing something relevant is a bonus, but some of our best COps hadn’t worked in a customer support role before applying to Monzo.

Depending on how quickly you can complete the task, the whole process should only take a couple of weeks and you’ll always get a reply from us.

We’re onboarding new team members every two weeks, so you could join us within a month!

If you’d like to know anything more about the hiring process, or what it’s like to be a COp, you can drop us a question in this forum thread. We’re currently hiring for weekend, out of hours, daytime (in Cardiff), calls, and social media roles. Apply here!