Credit Tracker Terms & Conditions

What is the Credit Tracker?

The Credit Tracker provided through Monzo Bank Limited (“Monzo”) lets you see your TransUnion credit score, some summarised information from your credit report and factors that impact how TransUnion calculate your credit score (“credit information”). In the future, we may also show you your full credit report.

You must be over 18 and live in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man to use the Credit Tracker.

This credit information comes from TransUnion

There are currently 3 main credit reference agencies which provide credit information in the UK: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. The credit information you see in this Credit Tracker comes only from TransUnion International UK Limited (“TransUnion”).

You acknowledge and agree that all intellectual property rights in the Credit Tracker (and all aspects of it) provided by TransUnion is owned by TransUnion and/or its licensors.

TransUnion can’t guarantee to find your credit information

Before TransUnion can give us your credit information they’ll try to match you to the information they hold. They won’t be able to find everyone’s information, and neither we or TransUnion have to tell you why if this happens. It might be because TransUnion can’t match your personal information to what’s in their database.

The Credit Tracker is for your own personal use

You mustn’t use it for business purposes or to get information about anyone else.

TransUnion can’t guarantee the credit information they show is accurate

TransUnion will try to make sure the credit information they show you is accurate. But they can’t guarantee that since some of the information comes from other sources, like the electoral roll, insurance companies and financial institutions.

Neither TransUnion or any other sources they use to give credit information have any control over the content of that information, and aren’t responsible if it turns out to be inaccurate. You should contact TransUnion’s Support and Help Desk Service at if you have any concern that your information isn’t accurate.

Your TransUnion score is just one of the factors lenders could take into account

The credit information displayed in the Credit Tracker is for your guidance and information only. Having a good TransUnion credit score doesn’t mean that we, or any other lender, will definitely accept an application for credit from you. Any application will always be subject to a lender’s own acceptance criteria. Also, a credit score doesn’t take into account someone’s ability to pay, which lenders and other financial service providers also consider.

Only you are allowed to access the Credit Tracker

You mustn’t let anyone else have access to the Credit Tracker or your Monzo account. Contact us immediately if you believe there’s a security issue with your account.

We have the right to stop you using the Credit Tracker

We (and TransUnion) reserve the right to stop or suspend your access to the Credit Tracker at any time if we tell you we no longer provide the Credit Tracker, or if we think:

  • there has been or is likely to be a breach of security
  • you’re using the Credit Tracker in a fraudulent or unpermitted way
  • you’re using the Credit Tracker in any way that’s detrimental to us or TransUnion.

The Credit Tracker will leave ‘soft’ footprints on your credit report

Once you’ve started using the Credit Tracker, TransUnion will leave a soft footprint on your credit report each month until you tell us you don’t want to use it again through Monzo chat. You’ll be able to see this footprint on your full credit report (which we don’t show you in the app), but lenders won’t. It won’t have any impact on your credit score or how likely you are to be offered credit.

If you have any questions about the Credit Tracker, please contact us. If we can’t help, or if it’s to do with information that TransUnion holds, we may tell you to contact TransUnion.

Accessing your data

When you let us know that you’d like to use the Credit Tracker, you’re asking us to make a ‘data subject access request’ on your behalf to TransUnion under Article 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means you’re asking TransUnion to show the credit score they’ve given you and some summarised information from your credit report and factors that impact how TransUnion calculate your credit score in the Monzo app.

We’ll do this monthly until you tell us you don’t want to use it again. In the future, we may also request your full credit report from TransUnion on your behalf. We’ll let you know when this change is going to happen, and if you don’t want to get your full report you’ll always be able to opt out of the Credit Tracker service.

To learn more about how we use your data for the Credit Tracker, please see our Credit Tracker Privacy Notice.

Credit information is provided by TransUnion International UK Limited. Registered in England and Wales with company number: 3961870. Registered office: One Park Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS3 1EP. TransUnion International UK Limited, part of the TransUnion Information Group, is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 737740

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